Monday, August 24, 2009

Operating Heavy Machinery

We celebrated my nieces', Whitney's and Hailey's, birthdays last weekend. It was just another reminder that my eldest niece in now driving. AH! It's a scary notion that will take me quite some time to get used to.

Although not driving yet, it's still crazy to me how my other nieces and nephews look older every time I see them.

We finally followed through with bribes Dillon promised the kids last time we babysat them. Here's AJ posing with his. He put it together very quickly and seemed to like it a lot.

It was odd not having Rob and Sheri and their kids there. We all miss them.

Here are the girls being sung to. Don't you just love that teenager attitude? That was the best pic I got of Whitney while she was being sung to.

Here's more of the attitude. She has to blow out her sister's side before she goes to hers. Nice Whit.

Happy birthday girls!

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Dentist Victorville said...

This post made me miss my family so much. It's been almost a year since we last got together, my niece also started to learn how to out pedestrians!