Monday, August 03, 2009

Good Times at the Lake

Nolan and Heather invited us out to a day at the lake with them and some friends of theirs on Saturday. We were back at Jordanelle, and they brought their wave runner along this time. Some of the most fun I've had in life has been on those things. Saturday was no exception.

We took turns riding it - tandem and solo. Doug felt the need he needed to great everyone as they came in. Don't you love his vest. He thought he was a water dog.

When not in the water, we had a nice little camp area to chill in.

Heather got some "action shots" of me on our ride together. I'm bringing the heat! ;-)

There was a breeze all day and a fair amount of people on the water. Those combined to make it choppy and plenty of opportunities to catch some air. I went out with Nolan one time and laughed and smiled the entire time. He's really fun to ride with. He changed directions a lot and went really fast - two very good things. My solo ride was the best though. I like to drive and go crazy. I caught some nice air and had a blast. Well, it felt like nice air and that's all that counts, right?

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