Saturday, August 01, 2009

Fan Boy

One of my You Tube subscriptions posted this video a while back.

I must admit that I lost a bit of respect for this chic when I saw this. Really? You are a 20 something year old that is in love with Air Supply? Oh please!

Lynne told me about the Air Supply concert that was tonight in Sandy. I wasn't going to but decided to call my mom to tell her about it, just in case she didn't know. Sure enough, she didn't but was ecstatic to go. The problem was that she didn't have anyone to go with. Being the messenger (and the coolest person she knows) she asked me if I would go with her. I reluctantly agreed.

I thought I would just be company and make clever, witty, derogatory remarks about the old people actually enjoying themselves, but I couldn't have had a better time. I grew up listening to them through my mom. I always would sing their songs when they came on and know almost all of them by heart, but I had no idea that I actually liked them. I used to call them Breath Support when I was little because I could never remember their name. Their live show was amazing though, and I had a blast. I felt their music deeply and thoroughly enjoyed every minute they performed.

I got all "fan boy-ish" at the end when we stood in line to get my mom's CD/DVD autographed. I now have a total crush on the short one and he kissed me after I thanked him for the wonderful show. They were so great. Gah!

Before the show:

Some pics. My camera battery died so I didn't get nearly the pics/video I wanted. :-( I took this first one and was going to tell everyone that I arranged for my mom to meet them and show this as proof - yeah, total dork. But then we ended up actually meeting them. But of course, no pics...

Here's my mom and I in the sun. She's wearing her hat like that to shade against the rays, but I love the gangsta mama look.

My mom had Russel in the palm of her hand. HA!

This is Russel. He's the "short one" as I like to call him. He sings the lead in most of their songs. His vocals are amazing. His tone quality and breath support were so good. Wow.

The guy at the piano was incredible and did a little solo to show off his talent. Very impressive.

I got some blurry shots but I still like them because of the colors.

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Miss Heather said...

I'm actually jealous because I grew up with Air Supply so I probably would have really enjoyed it. :)