Monday, August 24, 2009

Bee There or Bee Square

Two weeks ago (yeah, I'm a bit behind) we had my company summer party at a Bees game.

The mascot could not keep his hands off of me. I finally allowed a couple of pics of us to be taken.

He liked Nae a lot too. Can you blame him?

Mark and his boys with the Bee

Unfortunately, not everyone was feeling the Bee.

I really hate baseball. I had no idea what was going on, and it couldn't hold my attention worth crap. I did get a big, soft pretzel with nacho cheese though. That was yummy.

Renae is so cute. She is so into baseball and answered my (I can only imagine) ludicrous questions about the game. Her boys moved about ten rows up so they could actually watch the game because I just wanted to talk with her the whole time (and not about the game).

I found a different distraction though. Lote's "baby" had a hard time sitting through the game too.

As most animals and children do, Alama made quick friends with Dillon and hung out with us. He went back down to his family for a minute to get some popcorn and then told his mom, "I'm going back to sit with my friend." and came back. Too cute.

I have to bribe to get my friends, so I took him to ride the train. They have a little train they pile kids on during the ball game and ride around the top of the stadium above the outfield. I, having no foresight, didn't anticipate the almost 1 hour wait in line to get on. Alama kept himself busy though running up and down a grass hill next to the line the entire time. Wow, to have that kind of energy again. He's such a cutie. I would rather wait in line watching and playing with him than sitting through any baseball game though, so it was so worth it.

Dillon was very patient while I hung out with my work buds and waited in line for the train.

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