Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Pathetically Sore

Dillon and I met Heather and Nolan at Sugar House Park on Friday. They were going to work out with their personal trainer friend. He ended up not being able to make it, but Nolan, Heather and I worked out anyway.

Nolan has been working out really hard for a while now. He and Heather have a bunch of workout gear like medicine balls and various bands. We didn't do that much and Nolan considered it a terrible workout, but it kicked my butt. I was still pretty sore on Monday.

We started by throwing a medicine ball in a triangle to each other while sitting with our legs off the ground, catching it, going down and doing a sit up and then throwing it again. We did this for about 20 sit-ups each. We did intervals of 30, 45 then 60 seconds of a plank exercise on our elbows and toes with 30 seconds in between. Only Nolan made it the entire 60 seconds. Nolan and I did sumo squats with a medicine ball while the other one did lunges - 3 reps of 20. We did a sideways run with our legs banded with a bungee thing. I couldn't really get the hang of that one and tripped on my second rep switching direction. My outer leg kind of snapped back in and stepped on my other one and fell trying to pick the other one up to step. I did finish it with a summersault and a "Superstar" pose though. Dillon and Heather got a bit of a chuckle from it. They like to laugh when I fall. Nolan was too busy working out to see it or I am sure he would have also. We tossed a medicine ball back and forth with chest passes. Nolan was chucking it pretty hard and it was just a bit too far for me so it was really tiring. We finished with a little foot race and Nolan totally kicked my butt. I want a rematch though 'cause my legs were like jello by the time we did this.

I wanted to do so some cardio so I decided to run around the park once. We were early so Dillon and I had clocked it in the car before at just about exactly 1.5 miles. Nolan pointed out that from where we were, it would be a big uphill at the end as he pointed to the downhill on the left of where we were standing. "That's okay," I said, "I'll just go the other way." He got the funniest look on his face before we both started cracking up. The sad thing is that I was serious when I said it. Silly Cerra. It was not my best run to say the least. The hills in that park are so steap, I couldn't run up or down them. And I got a reminder of why I don't like to run in public. Oh yeah, and I got passed by a 110 year old man - just sad. Oh well, it was still a run and better than not doing it at all.

So I think Nolan should be a personal trainer. I would hire him to make me sore as hell once a week.

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