Thursday, July 09, 2009

Kingpin Queen

Or not... A few weeks ago, a new co-worker mentioned something about bowling in passing. Of course I had to mention that I bowled for Weber State. Who, in my position, wouldn't? I don't so eagerly mention that I was simply a warm body so the girls team stopped getting DQ-ed due to lack of players and that my teammates hated me because I sucked so bad. Selective disclosure is my key for appearing so damn cool. Ha! So she said she was on a league and would ask the head peeps of the league if there were any openings for me. I was stoked. I'd never been on a league before.

The next day she told me that one of the team's members was in jail, and I could bowl in his place. Woohoo! My team members were three 20-something, thuggish dudes with a team name High Bowlers. I didn't mind though. They were very fun and nice. I showed up that Thursday night and bowled 3 games for the first time in 8 years. Wow, I was rusty. I was all over the lane. I had to rediscover my marks because I had completely forgotten them. Considering this, I did okay and developed an average of 125.

The next week I came again, threw a few practice balls, and discovered someone bailed "CC" out of jail! WTF?!?! I joked around with him about how his team liked me better and other crap. I am pretty sure I made an enemy. He seemed a bit cranky. Maybe they weren't so nice to him in jail. With no other slots open on any of the teams, I went home. I was bummed.

The next week, I was told there was another spot for me. When I got there I discovered I had permanent spot with a team called the Splitaphors. I was right on time, so I didn't have time to warm up. The first ball I threw was a strike. My team captain, Tamera, said, "Oh goodie! We need you!" Meanwhile I was sad she was getting her hopes up. I did okay that night, but don't think I lived up to the hopes of my first frame. I ended the night with a 120 average.

Tonight was my second night playing with my new team. This was the first night they were all there - we had a sub last week. There's Tamera, Pete, Geoff, and me (the anchor). The anchor is supposed to be just that. They throw last and are usually the strongest player. It can also be used ironically to mean the guy who sinks the ship. I'm not sure which one I am yet.

By some seemingly random twists and turns, I ended up with a team of complete strangers that fits me perfectly. We are 4 mediocre, inconsistent (even sporadic), sarcastic, sharp tongued, fun-loving bowlers. I had a blast tonight. I bet we are the only team that heckles their own teammates, but it's so much fun to do!

Tonight I got a 7, 8, 6, 10 split. It was ugly.

Don't ask me how I did it. I blamed the idiot that came up with our team name. Really guys, Splitaphors? What, was Gutter Lovers already taken? Needless to say, I didn't pick it up. I got the 7 and 8 while trying to get the 6 and the 10. Yeah, that's the kind of special bowler I am.

With the help of a teammate and a really cool old guy from the team we were competing against, I got some helpful little pointers that made a big difference in my game. Oh, and I picked up a 7 pin for a spare, which I is my most common single pin to leave that I can NEVER pick up. Yay!


Paul + Emily said...

You are on a bowling league? Ok, that is the awesomest thing I have ever heard..good for you!! Did you know that my little sis Natasha just joined one as well!! You guys rock!

Miss Heather said...

That's SUPER cool! You rock!