Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I've Still Got It!

Oh wait, NO I DON'T! Damn.

I have been driving (very well if you ask me) for almost twelve years now. I have never gotten any citation of any kind - no parking tickets, no speeding tickets, nothing. That is until Saturday.

I have gotten pulled over a handful of times before, but my innocence has prevailed. People tease me that's it's for other reasons, but I know that it's been my sweet smile and kind attitude - and sometimes, I really didn't do anything wrong. When that's not the case, I play dumb to any offense on my part. It's always worked in the past. I even got off doing 60 something MPH in a 25 one time. Okay, okay, that guy did have a crush on me, but the rest, totally innocent.

We were heading up to Park City to spend the day at Jordanelle with Nolan. We rented kayaks from REI - one two man and one single. It was 100+ degrees out so, a day at the lake seemed 0-so fabulous.

I was following Nolan because I didn't know where the lake was and Dillon said he did. Ha! I'm terrible, but Dillon is notorious for not telling me where to go until I've passed it when he knows where it is. He didn't sound very convinced when I asked him if he knew where it was either. So I figured it would be best to just keep up with Nolan.

Needless to say, I got behind and was trying to catch up at one point. By the time I saw the po-po, it was too late. I slowed to 65 and snuggled into the middle lane between two cars. I was hoping he would pass on by and not be able to find me. Yeah, I'm sneaky like that. Phft. It didn't work.

He looked like an RM and introduced himself as I rolled down the window. He was so nice - too nice. I knew I was in for it. He clocked me at 84 MPH in a 65. I really didn't know that I was going that fast, but I acted like I didn't even know I was speeding. He wrote me the ticket for only 9 over which saved me $75 or so. I thought that was very nice.

On the way back home from the lake, I wore only my bikini because my suit was still wet and I only had one pair of clothes to change in to. It made Dillon nervous but no one even noticed. I wish I would have thought of that before I got pulled over though. Maybe even the RM would have let me off. Bah! I hate that my record is tarnished. How long do these things stay on anyway?

On the way up there was a traffic jam and I had a cute little hitch-hiker. His name was Fred.

I tried to make it look like he was huge and attacking cars, but he jumped away before I could perfect it.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures from the lake. Nolan forgot his waterproof camera and I am too stupid to take pics before we got in the water. We had a fun time though.

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