Sunday, July 12, 2009

I have cute cousins!

I hadn't seen some of them for probably 6 years now. A couple of them came down for Paul and Emily's wedding, but it's just been too long either way. They are my mother's, sister's (Norma), eldest son's (Greg) kids. Technically they are my first cousins once removed, but they are closer to my age than the majority of my first cousins.

The Mitchell's have 7 kids total. My cousin Greg and his wife Melanie have always been such a great example to me of how I would like to raise my kids. They are great parents and people and they have great kids - all 7 of them.

On Friday my mom, Paul, Emily and I went to dinner with some of them - Steve (the eldest) and his new wife, Mary (they are expecting their first baby in November), Kelsey (the third in line - she just graduated and will attend BYU-ID in the fall), and Hanna (the fourth oldest - she just turned 16 and has boys lining up around the block to date her, I'm sure).

Steve and Mary are going to school here at BYU. They are off for the summer and staying in Boise with the fam, but were passing through on their way to Disney Land. The whole family is going - 11 total with the two oldest kids' spouses. I am so glad they took time out from their trip to visit with us. It was a great time.

Steve and Mary are a cute couple and I can't wait to see their baby when she gets here.

Every time I see pics of Mary I am, and the entire night at dinner I was, reminded of Olivia Munn. Mary's cuter, but she totally reminds me of her.

The Mitchell girls (Courtney, Kelsey, Hanna and Hailey) are all gorgeous girls. If I were their dad, or if they weren't as good as they are, I would be a nervous wreck with that many beautiful, teenage girls in my house. I would feel as though I had to sit at the front porch 24/7 with my shotgun.

Kelsey and Hanna are no exception; they are both stunning girls and so fun and sweet.

(Hanna: left; Kelsey: right)

We got to see and hang with little Porter too. He's getting so big and cute. I swear he's grown in both capacities since I saw him last weekend.

My mom and I stood out in the parking lot with Paul and Emily, talking and playing with Porter for probably 45 minutes after dinner.

I just can get enough of the little one.

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sasha said...

oh my gosh. porter is huge. and super cute.