Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Family Departing

My eldest brother, Bill, threw and impromptu BBQ for my second oldest brother, Rob, Sheri, and their kids this weekend. This was their last weekend in town for a while. They are going to Phoenix to live. Rob has been living there and coming back when he can on weekends for probably 4 months or more. As you can imagine it's been pretty hard for all of them.

It was weird to hear my brother talk about not liking "bachelor" life. He's been pretty lonely in Phoenix the last few months. Before he met Sheri, that was his favorite kind of life-style. I remember him telling me a couple of things that made me know Sheri was the one for him. He told me, "She makes me want to be a better person" and "I never wanted kids until I met Sheri." About a decade and 4 kids later, they are a big, happy family and moving into the next chapter of their life.

Rob's job is the catalyst for the move. I will miss them, but I know it will be better that they are all together. Hopefully we can visit them soon.

I tried to take a picture of all 8 of the kids together before they left, but they weren't cooperating. I got mad, clicked a picture of "the only good ones" (which I professed were the only ones I wanted a picture of anyway) and went back upstairs. I know, I was being a baby about it, but I don't know why everything has to be so difficult.

"The Only Good Ones"

I'll miss these little goobers.

From the top: Madison, Dalan, Aubrey and Jordan

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