Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The 4th of July

I started the day by going over to my brother's and seeing my newest nephew. It had been since my mom's party that I'd seen him, and I missed him so much. I didn't get any pictures because I was just too busy holding him and watching him smile. He's such a doll. Emily has tons of pictures of him on their blog though.

After I left their place, I met my mom for some shopping. We spent a couple of hours at Kohl's and got some great deals. I have worn something new every day this week so far. I LOVE shopping, and my mom is my favorite person to shop with. We both have about the same pace, and I never feel rushed with her. I hate being rushed when I shop, and it makes it not worth it. If anything I rush her, but I think we're a pretty good shopping team.

Then I met up with Dillon, Nolan and Heather at Nolan and Heather's place. We went to the same place we went to watch fireworks last year. We had all of us that were there last year plus Chance the dog. Chance is a really old, timid lab mix that Nolan and Heather watch from time to time.

(whose ridiculously flat ass is invading this shot?!?!)

As soon as people started lighting off loud fireworks in the park, Chance got really scared. He started shaking profusely. Poor guy. Nolan took him home and never came back. :-(

Just as last year, we watched the sun set.

Also, just as last year, Doug was all the rage. There was this little baby that was especially enamored with him and was not the least bit afraid of him either. She was precious.

I set up my little tripod on a cooler Nolan and Heather brought. My fireworks setting on my camera has a really long shutter speed to capture the light as it travels, but I can't hold it still enough to get a good shot. I was way excited with the tripod setup , but then some jackass' head was in almost all of my shots and toward the end, he sat up on his feet making himself even more cumbersome to shoot around. I tried asking him to move, but he didn't (wouldn't) hear me.

Despite that guy's stupid head, I got a lot of good shots this year - especially compared to last year. I have so many I am posting them to their own post.

Heather and I thought last year's show was better though. We kept saying, "It is a down economy, you know." This is likely the last year for the state/city funded fire work shows in Utah. That's a bit sad. Maybe I will go up there again next year just to watch the country club's display. It was much better anyway even though I didn't get any pics of that one.

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