Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh, Doug...

Tonight concluded a series of weekends babysitting Doug the dog - three out of four to be exact. Cevin is so happy it's over. She was best the second time. I think the initial fear lessened the second time and the third she was just being bitchy more than anything. They spotted "cuddling" on Saturday though. Cevin denies the entire thing.

Yeah, that's as "cuddly" as it gets. Doug was just so interested in her and she wanted him as far away as possible. He was so enamored, he cleaned her litter box one time. I almost lost it when I figured out what he had done. Ew! And he's a licker, so he was grounded from that after I found out. Why do dogs do that?!?!

Doug's the only dog I've ever walked that walks too slowly. His bursts of energy are so explosive and brief, after a less than block I am almost dragging him the rest of the way. I wonder how far his walks normally are. I never did ask. He's the only animal I've met that's more sedentary than Cevi.

Heather packed all of his things in his own bag and he so knew it was his. He would riffle through it looking for a toy he wanted to play with, or scratch at it with his paw when he wanted to go for a walk. He's pretty darn cute.

Dillon's nicknamed him roadblock for obvious reasons.

On Saturday, I misplaced him. After calling for him and not finding him, I asked myself, How does one lose a 120 lb dog in a 1000 sq foot apartment? I wouldn't have thought it possible. He wasn't any help in locating him either. He didn't make a sound, but when I looking in the kitchen, I suspected I knew where he was.

He had been sneaking into the pantry to smell the stuff on the selves and in the garbage. I had told him no, but he kept going in.

Sure enough. He had gone into the pantry inadvertently shut himself in with his massiveness. I died when I found him. He acted like he'd been rescued. What killed me is that he didn't even make a sound when I was calling for him. He just stood there, I am sure, in his little dark hole sulking. That was the last time he went into the pantry though. Silly boy.

All in all, he was a good boy and we had fun with him. I am sure he's glad to be home with his fav peeps, and I will be finding his hair around the place for months to come.

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