Monday, June 22, 2009

My Coccyx!

I just pulled the lamest move. I was sitting in my husband's wheelchair while Nolan, Heather and Dillon were sitting on the couch. I can wheely indefinitely in his chair if I want to, and have been sitting in it (off and on of course) now for almost 7 years with no incident. This time, I wasn't even doing anything fancy. I have no idea how it happened, but I, out of the blue, tipped over backwards in it. I didn't even know all four wheels weren't on the ground. It happened in slow motion too, and, in leaning far forward trying to catch myself, I totally landed right on my tailbone. I cannot count how many times that little bone has broken my fall. It aches at times from the abuse I have given it. Well, now I have another reason for it to hurt. Damn! I am way to beefy to be falling. At least Dillon, Heather and Nolan got a good laugh. Apparently I am hilarious when I hurt myself. Yay! ;-P

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