Sunday, June 28, 2009


We went over to Mary's (Dillon's cousin) house on Friday for dinner. They live really close, but we haven't seen them since before Christmas - yes, Dillon's a bad cousin. :-P Mary thinks he's a drug dealer or pimp or something because he's always got these mysterious "errands" he's got to run... I wonder.

Carol (Dillon's other cousin) and her kids were in town and we got to visit with them too. It's crazy to see how big the kids are getting. Her youngest started crawling a few days ago. I swear he was just born a week before that.

JD (yet another of Dillon's cousins - all siblings - 7 total from that fam) and his wife, Lauri were there too. Lauri just had a b-day so we ate some awesome icecream cake Carol and Mary made. Mmmmm.

Dillon and I were babysitting Bill's youngest three and brought them along. Brooklyn spotted an awesome rainbow while we were there. It was so big, I had to piece three pics together to get it all.

Hailey had an idea to make a reality show about rainbow chasing - funny girl.

Hailey and Michelle took turns taking pictures of each other...

...and a bunch of other stuff.

Then on Saturday we saw the rest of Dillon's cousins, their kids, and his aunt and uncle at Mike's (the oldest of the 7 cousins from Alan and Ani) youngest, Tyler's, baptism. I absolutely love Dillon's family. They are so warm and fun. I hope Dillon's mysterious work slows soon so we can spend more time with them. ;-)

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