Saturday, May 09, 2009

Qqest Breast Savers Represent - 5k Style

Today was a long day, but a good one. We met at the Jordan Commons Trax stop to head downtown. I was so amazed that we all made the 7:06 am train. It was me, my mom, Mark, Renae, Ese, Greg, Natalie (Greg's daughter), Lynne and Akaysha (Lynne's daughter). Emily and Aaron met us there. I was really surprised with how well behaved Mark was on the train. ;-)

The train ride was a bit longer than normal, but that didn't damper our spirits.

Here, Lynne models our group T's nicely.

We finally got to the race and we were pumped to get going.

Emily came shortly after and just before the race started. Aaron met up with Mark shortly after that. My mom, Ese, Lynne and Kaysh walked and made good time - 49 minutes. Mark and Aaron finished at 40 minutes. Emily ran with me. She could have gotten so much better of a time, but she insisted on hangin' with her sis. I wasn't planning on running the whole thing. Not that I didn't want to, but I didn't think I could. The last time I ran that far was in November. I did really well considering. Emily was so sweet and a great motivator. We made it in 35 minutes according to my time and 38 according to the race time. I started my watch once we got going. There were so many people this year - 18,000+ - and so many walkers in the front of the runners' section. It was brutal getting going. Nae hasn't even run since November and she did it in 33 minutes. I was mui impresso-ed. Greg and his daughter were under 30 minutes. I think we all did so well.

Afterwards I saw these super masculine men and couldn't resist shooting them. After all, we all know that real men wear pink and even... er, uh... realer men wear pink tighty undies on the outside of their pants. HoT!

They announced that scientists think that there will be a cure for breast cancer within 10 years. That is amazing. Not only is that for my generation, but it would be in time for most of my moms' too. Wow - can't wait.

I decorated my shirt to commemorate my sister Sasha. She has struggled so much but is a survivor and will continue to be just that. Love you Sash.

I also gave shout-outs to my sponsors. Thanks guys!

It was another great year, and even more people participated than the last. We are going to have to move to a bigger road soon. Thanks all!

My mom and I went shopping all day after the race too. Wow, I'm tired, we but got so many things for such great deals. Yay for Kohls!


Cerra Hawkins said...

My awesome client Helen in Denver donated $100 after the race too. She's the best! Thanks Helen! ;-)

sasha said...

that is so cool to get a donation even after the fact. so how much did you raise? thanks for doing this. i think its really great and hope that before long i'll be able to do it in my home town too. mom, nolan, and i did a short walk last year, but i'd really like to do the full 5k. nikki did the boise race for the cure last weekend and ran the 5k in 30 min. i was really impressed. i guess there were $15,000 participants this year. crazy. a cure for breast cancer . . . for any/every cancer . . . would be a beautiful thing. thanks for being part of it cerra. love you lots.