Sunday, May 24, 2009

Long Weekend in Review

Friday night we picked up Doug, the dog, for the weekend. Nolan and Heather went backpacking in southern Utah, so we agreed to Dougy-sit their dog. He's been really good - huge, and drooly, but good.

On Saturday Kathleen (not any more) Craven (it's now Tuck) and her new husband, Wally, came down from Idaho to visit and meet Porter. We met at the BYU creamery. I had never been - fun place. A cute kid offered to take this pic when I stood up to take one of everyone.

Notice the little girl in the window? Ha! It reminds me of this funny blog that I found.

Today was my mom's birthday. It was her 60th. Clyde had the great idea to throw her a surprise party. They went up to Boise Saturday to decorate her parent's graves and headed back today. Since he wasn't going to be here, he asked Emily to orchestrate everything. She did a great job.

She bough cute decorations, and had the place entirely decorated by the time I showed up to help.

Everyone pitched in and brought a salad - even Emily. She's such the over-achiever.

We parked all of our cars at the church kitty-corner from my mom's house so she wouldn't expect anything. We set everything up and then waited.

We got really quiet as they approached the garage and pulled in. It always seems like the person you are waiting to surprise takes FOREVER to get to the door, but it could have been a reality. She is 60 after all! She finally got there, and we all yelled, "Surprise!" when she walked in.

This one was actually a "do-over" of the original and looked much more theatrical. The real expression looked more like this.

She was genuinely surprised either way. I asked her if she had any clue, and she said she didn't. I think this might have been her first surprise party. I forgot to ask her.

This is Dillon's surprise face.

He's not very good at it either. ;-)

My mom (and the rest of us) really appreciated all the hard work Emily put in to making Clyde's good idea come to pass.

This year I gave my mom a big kiss. As far as presents go, they don't get much better than that. I will probably take her out shopping too. I doubt I will buy her anything though. Hanging out with me is worth more than anything you can buy. Duh!

Hope your day was great, Mom. We love you.

So tomorrow Nolan and Heather get back, and Cevin can't wait. I can't tell you how many times she woke us up in the night last night spitting, hissing, and growling at Doug. Doug just wanted to hang out where everyone else was. Poor picked-on Doug. I don't think he understands what Cevin is doing when she freaks out like that. He actually gets closer to her to try to check it out if I don't interfere. He's either really good at playing, or he's just plain dumb. We love him though.

The rest of the day we have absolutely nothing planned, so it's just chillin' and trying to rejuvenate for another week.


Ben and Kristen Johnson said...

I am so jealous that you got to spend time with Devon! I miss that kid like crazy!!!

Razzleberry said...

What a great party it was - and YES - totally a surprise. Others have tried to surprize me but this is the first true one.

Thanks to all who made it so nice!

Love you guys.