Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hellow Duckeeeees!

I was being The Other Sister there. Anyway, that's one of the only joys of living here at Ghetto Cove. It seems our lovely apartment complex was built smack-dab on the ducks' home. Consequently, there are still a lot of ducks around. The ghetto urchins like to chase them mostly. I did have to ream one of them for hitting a pair of them with a basketball he threw a while back. Where are their parents? You really don't want to get me started on that. Personally, I like to talk to them and feed them.

We just saw X-Men last night - good flick - so I had nearly a bucket full of popcorn left over. I usually save it for a ducky visit and was fortunate to have one just this morning.

I was on my patio area which is sunken - when I am standing in it, the ground on the other side of the cement wall comes to my ribs. I guess this makes me less intimating because they let me get really close to them.

I think they were a young couple because usually the male will play lookout while the female eats, but he just chowed right down with her. He could have just been really hungry or comfortable too, but he just seemed a bit immature.

Wait duckies! Come back! Why are you leaving?

Oh, it's Cevin... You be nice to the duckies Cevi!


Miss Heather said...

Hee hee... you always have the coolest animals around. We used to have a little white fluffy bunny bouncing around in our backyard. He escaped from a neighbor and was so fast no one could catch him. I used to feed him carrots and leave water out for him. He lived in our yard for like a year! Alas, he was finally caught and they moved away. And now there's just some dumb stray orange cat who poops on our patio and hacks up hair balls by my car. UGH!

Emily :) said...

That is definitely something that I miss about Willow Cove is feeding the duckies popcorn!! "Hellow duckeeees" also reminds me of the home videos of you and Paul feeding the ducks at the park when you guys were little.. so cute! That's awesome that you liked the X-Men movie.. Paul wants to see it so bad. Love ya!