Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Blessed Occasion

Sunday was Porter's baby blessing. Dillon and I had to skip out right after because I had to get back to help teach the Relief Society lesson and sing a song in our ward. Blah! I hate all the nerves that come along with teaching, let alone solos. It went well though, and I went back to PG after our church was over to hang out some more.

My dad came down again, but we didn't get to hang out much at all. He got in Saturday evening and left Sunday morning. We were glad he could come and be there though.

PJ is getting so big. I love that he is for sure smiling now and interacting more with people. Em and I swear he's been smiling for a while, but now there's no question. He was such a good boy all day and patient with all of us wanting to hold him and take pics of him.

He loves to sit up, and it's so funny to see this tiny baby just sitting there just looking around.

The weather was really nice so after everyone from the party left, Emily, Paul, Shane (Em's little bro) and I went on a walk. We brought Maggie the dog too. We went along the canal and that dog was everywhere. She had a blast.

It was so nice to be out in the fresh air.

We saw some chickens along the way in someone's yard. (MamaHawk, this pic's for you)

Porter was out the entire time.

Out of what seemed to me to be nowhere, it started poring rain. It was really cold and windy too. There was lightning that was way to close for comfort. I just wore shorts and a t-shirt so was glad that we were only a 1/4 mile or so away from the house when the rain hit. Brrrrrrr.


Emily :) said...

Your pictures are so cute! Maggie is too funny!! Thanks so much for coming to the blessing and then hanging out afterwards! You are awesome!! :) Love you!

sasha said...

porter really is growing fast. he's a super handsome little guy and has a great smile. love the chickens. and love you too.