Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Weiser Good Time

We made a last-minute, short trip to Weiser this weekend, and I am glad we did. All of Mama-Hawk's kids were there, which doesn't get to happen all that often.

I packed a bathing suit just in case, and I am so glad I did. It was really hot there, and Mama had a little pool that was so much fun!

A little too much fun. I played in the pool for way too long with no protection from the sun. I got pretty pink in places that haven't seen the sun for a while. Ouch!

Mexican-Coppertone Baby (Sasha), on the other hand, can pull it off without lobsterfying herself.

Mom also just bought 35 chicks. They were so cute. I love all of their different personalities even at just days old.

She got some with puffy feathers on their heads. They are so funny.

They will look something like this when they grow up. She got at least 6 different kinds. It will be fun to see them when they are grown.

Nolan and I loved playing with them.

Right now they are living in a giant water trough in the barn.

I haven't seen the barn in person since it's been painted. It looks so great. They did a very nice job on it.

As always, Nolan was more than willing to help do some heavy lifting and moving of things on the farm, and thereby reinforcing another reason he's good to have around.

He can look like a pretty bad-ass cowboy when he wants to too. ;-)

There were some popsicles that no one wanted, and Nolan thought the horses would like them.

Their reaction to this new food item was too funny. I have no idea what they were doing, but Nolan thought it was because the popsicles were cold. Whatever the reason, they looked beyond funny.

The two goats are in with the horses now and all seem very happy.

We got quite a bit of visiting and relaxing in considering the time shortage we had.

And, of course, we had to do a family photo-shoot before we came back home today. Some of them turned out really good. I think I am going to have to frame at least one of them.

Who knew that a little town in western Idaho would become one of my favorite places in the world to go? I just feel so at home and at peace there. I can't get enough of it.

Here's a poem I wrote about it.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Repetitive Redundancies

Redundancy is is a good thing is certain certain situations. (<--- that sentence was not one of them) A parachute, for example, having two is redundant, yet when the first one doesn't work, no one complains about the extra. Data backup, stunt doubles, the Doublemint twins (okay, not really) are other examples where redundancy is completely acceptable and even welcomed.

Here are common examples of where it's not:

PIN number
VIN number
ATM machine
SCUBA apparatus

You're right, that last one is not so common but obnoxious none the less. And if you don't know why these are redundant or obnoxious, slap yourself.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Long Weekend in Review

Friday night we picked up Doug, the dog, for the weekend. Nolan and Heather went backpacking in southern Utah, so we agreed to Dougy-sit their dog. He's been really good - huge, and drooly, but good.

On Saturday Kathleen (not any more) Craven (it's now Tuck) and her new husband, Wally, came down from Idaho to visit and meet Porter. We met at the BYU creamery. I had never been - fun place. A cute kid offered to take this pic when I stood up to take one of everyone.

Notice the little girl in the window? Ha! It reminds me of this funny blog that I found.

Today was my mom's birthday. It was her 60th. Clyde had the great idea to throw her a surprise party. They went up to Boise Saturday to decorate her parent's graves and headed back today. Since he wasn't going to be here, he asked Emily to orchestrate everything. She did a great job.

She bough cute decorations, and had the place entirely decorated by the time I showed up to help.

Everyone pitched in and brought a salad - even Emily. She's such the over-achiever.

We parked all of our cars at the church kitty-corner from my mom's house so she wouldn't expect anything. We set everything up and then waited.

We got really quiet as they approached the garage and pulled in. It always seems like the person you are waiting to surprise takes FOREVER to get to the door, but it could have been a reality. She is 60 after all! She finally got there, and we all yelled, "Surprise!" when she walked in.

This one was actually a "do-over" of the original and looked much more theatrical. The real expression looked more like this.

She was genuinely surprised either way. I asked her if she had any clue, and she said she didn't. I think this might have been her first surprise party. I forgot to ask her.

This is Dillon's surprise face.

He's not very good at it either. ;-)

My mom (and the rest of us) really appreciated all the hard work Emily put in to making Clyde's good idea come to pass.

This year I gave my mom a big kiss. As far as presents go, they don't get much better than that. I will probably take her out shopping too. I doubt I will buy her anything though. Hanging out with me is worth more than anything you can buy. Duh!

Hope your day was great, Mom. We love you.

So tomorrow Nolan and Heather get back, and Cevin can't wait. I can't tell you how many times she woke us up in the night last night spitting, hissing, and growling at Doug. Doug just wanted to hang out where everyone else was. Poor picked-on Doug. I don't think he understands what Cevin is doing when she freaks out like that. He actually gets closer to her to try to check it out if I don't interfere. He's either really good at playing, or he's just plain dumb. We love him though.

The rest of the day we have absolutely nothing planned, so it's just chillin' and trying to rejuvenate for another week.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm a sucker for underdogs.

My mom still tells stories about me coming home from grade school telling her I had to "beat up another boy today." She would ask me why and it was always an answer like, "He was picking on so-and-so." I even had to save kids from my own brother, but that's another story for another day.

Wildlife is no exception to my altruistic plight. Just before I shoved off to work this morning, I noticed a bird in the pile of leaves I had pushed over into the corner of my patio over the weekend. It looked young, and I didn't think it quite old enough to fly. I approached it carefully and it tried to fly off. Sure enough, it only got about a foot off the ground, flapping its wings furiously, while slowly descending back to the leaf pile. The baby robin had virtually no chick fluff left, but lacked the length in the flight feathers necessary to be airborne. It's so close, yet so far.

It took everything I had not to grab a shoe box and play mommy-birdy today, but I knew I didn't have the time. These things need to be fed so often, and I had to go to work. So I put it on the grass out of our patio. It immediately started pecking around at the ground and then snuggled into the grass. As long as the cats and ghetto urchins would leave it alone, it should be fine, I thought.

My dad used to raise pigeons, and I would bawl every time the flock would start pecking one of them. They would peck the head of the pigeon until it was dead - very gruesome. I now know this is likely a good thing they do to prevent the spread of disease and/or infirmity in the flock. But then, all I could see were bullies picking on someone smaller than they. My dad and mom always let me bring the likely disease ridden bird inside and nurse it back to health with a syringe and Malt-O-Meal. I am really glad they nurtured (put up with) this part of my personality as it was, and still is, a huge part of me.

I was bummed when I got home from work and couldn't find the baby bird. I looked all around. I even looked back in my patio and didn't see it. I resigned to the fact that it was gone and settled in to my nightly routine. I opened the sliding door to get some fresh air and let Cevi wander around outside. I didn't even get settled onto the couch before I heard flapping from the patio. I called Cevin and she obediently came right back in. Her pupils were huge with the excitement of what she had discovered though. I ran outside and closed the screen door behind me. Sure enough, it was the little robin. I am not sure how long it had been there. It camouflages so well with the leaves that it was likely there the entire time I was looking for it.

Night was settling in, and while the bird had nestled into the pile of leaves and looked quite comfortable, I knew it wasn't going to be a safe place for it. My pampered, never hunted for a meal in her life, prissy cat was even drooling at the screen door hoping I would let her have a go at it. It didn't stand a chance with the feral cats in the area.

I was contemplating what I could do. I knew what I wanted to do, but wanted to respect Dillon's feelings too. Not everyone appreciates a wild bird in the house. Luckily he's kind of a bleeding heart too. Not-so-long story not-so-short, he looked online and found a couple of ideas on what we could do with this bird. We decided to put it in a box overnight to keep it safe, and then call around tomorrow morning to see who will take it and raise her to maturity. I didn't think there was anyone who would take a plain ol' robin orphan, but Dillon assures me there are plenty of "nuts" like me who are willing to spend countless hours raising an ordinary bird. Yay! I just hope he's right, or I'll have to take the bird to work with me.

I tried to feed it a puree of Cevi food that I made tonight, but it didn't seem to want any. I think because it was night time. I would rub and tap its beak, but it would just close its eyes. So I am up at sunrise tomorrow to try to keep this little thing alive until I can find someone else to.

I just hope it eats, and I don't have to force its mouth open. Its is surprisingly not too bad with touch, but the second something is wrapped around its body, like my hand, it starts screaming. It's nerve racking.

Its little face is so funny to me. Its beak points down at either side so it looks like it is frowning all the time. It truly has a face only a mother could love - and I do. Ha! ;-P

Friday, May 15, 2009

Welcome to the 'Cool Girls' Club'

I have just been inducted as a member of great new blog ran by two girls who I have been trying to get to talk to me for years now. Well, not only have they realized that I exist, but they've listened to at least one of the mix tapes I've sent them and allowed me to be a part of their blog. Life is gooood. ;-P

How can you find this super-awesome, totally-cool new blog you ask (or not)? Look no further.

(click the pic dummy!)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Being a mother is one of the most important callings in this life. I celebrate all you wonderful mothers today - the one who brought me into the world, the ones who are raising my nieces and nephews, the one who made my husband the man he is, and all the other moms who are an example to me. Believe it or not, I am constantly watching and trying to learn from you in hopes that someday I can be as great as you. Thank you for your time, efforts, love, compassion and strength.

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.
Abraham Lincoln

Here are some of my favorite mommies.

Sheri, Cheryl, Julie, Emily (sis-in-laws and my mom)

(notice my mom's shirt? We bought some souvenirs from yesterday. I have one too.)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Qqest Breast Savers Represent - 5k Style

Today was a long day, but a good one. We met at the Jordan Commons Trax stop to head downtown. I was so amazed that we all made the 7:06 am train. It was me, my mom, Mark, Renae, Ese, Greg, Natalie (Greg's daughter), Lynne and Akaysha (Lynne's daughter). Emily and Aaron met us there. I was really surprised with how well behaved Mark was on the train. ;-)

The train ride was a bit longer than normal, but that didn't damper our spirits.

Here, Lynne models our group T's nicely.

We finally got to the race and we were pumped to get going.

Emily came shortly after and just before the race started. Aaron met up with Mark shortly after that. My mom, Ese, Lynne and Kaysh walked and made good time - 49 minutes. Mark and Aaron finished at 40 minutes. Emily ran with me. She could have gotten so much better of a time, but she insisted on hangin' with her sis. I wasn't planning on running the whole thing. Not that I didn't want to, but I didn't think I could. The last time I ran that far was in November. I did really well considering. Emily was so sweet and a great motivator. We made it in 35 minutes according to my time and 38 according to the race time. I started my watch once we got going. There were so many people this year - 18,000+ - and so many walkers in the front of the runners' section. It was brutal getting going. Nae hasn't even run since November and she did it in 33 minutes. I was mui impresso-ed. Greg and his daughter were under 30 minutes. I think we all did so well.

Afterwards I saw these super masculine men and couldn't resist shooting them. After all, we all know that real men wear pink and even... er, uh... realer men wear pink tighty undies on the outside of their pants. HoT!

They announced that scientists think that there will be a cure for breast cancer within 10 years. That is amazing. Not only is that for my generation, but it would be in time for most of my moms' too. Wow - can't wait.

I decorated my shirt to commemorate my sister Sasha. She has struggled so much but is a survivor and will continue to be just that. Love you Sash.

I also gave shout-outs to my sponsors. Thanks guys!

It was another great year, and even more people participated than the last. We are going to have to move to a bigger road soon. Thanks all!

My mom and I went shopping all day after the race too. Wow, I'm tired, we but got so many things for such great deals. Yay for Kohls!