Saturday, April 25, 2009

Looky What I Found

So I decided that I needed to recycle my pizza boxes, empty water bottles, etc. instead of being the typical American consumer that I have been. I really wish our apartment complex did some sort of recycling program. I do feel guilty when I head to the trash can with my two garbage bags or more full. I could recycle so much more.

Anyway, I had no idea where I can recycle these things around here, so to Google I went. I found a recycling center nearby and also cool crop art from the satellite view. I think it's of zoo animals. I am very impressed with the forethought that must have gone into this to get it to look that good from the air.

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sasha said...

glad you are recycling. it is still a pain in the ass for me, but its amazing when you see the result from just your household when you really get into doing it. me and my two roommates usually fill just one trash compactor bag a month, but bins and bins of recycling . . . once you get used to going to the recycling center, it just becomes second nature. in some cities there is curbside recycling where you don't even have to separate things. its started in anchorage, but not in my neighborhood yet.