Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bachelor Results are In

The Bachelor Round I is officially over. Paula and Screwy were neck and neck for the majority of the race. The last few days they were 5 and 5. As the voting window closed, it appeared that it would end that way, but a in a surprising turn of events, someone changed their vote from Paula to Becky Jo. So the winner by a beak is SCREWY!

My dad didn't seem to take the news well. In fact, Screwy had a seemingly timely demise right after the results were announced. Someone used my dad's best hatchet and wacked off Screwy's head in the night. All I can say is that I am glad Melissa didn't win cuz my dad could be in SERIOUS trouble.

As in any respectable pagent, when the first place contestant is unable to fufill the duties of the position, second steps in. Paula and Doug's first date is this weekend. Stay tuned...


Finding Joy in the Journey said...

Too bad for Screwy. Well, I guess paula would make for a better step mom. Thanks for the excitement!

Paul + Emily said...

Hey, did Doug ever go on that date with Paula?