Thursday, April 02, 2009

6 Days Later

It's been six days since my gum graft. The first three days I was virtually pain free as long as I stayed on the Lortab. On the fourth day, the Lortab stopped being as effective. By day 5, I was taking it with no results. I took the last one at noon-ish yesterday. By 7pm I was in the worst pain I can remember. I had a splitting migraine, my bones ached and I felt like crap. I think I was having Lortab withdrawals! I keep thinking of Rush Limbaugh every time I think about being addicted to prescription pain meds. Bah! I hate that guy. Anyway, I may be a recovering addict.

My gum graft got a lot worse before it got better too. The roof of my mouth didn't, but the graft sight was looking a bit bad there for a day or so. I was convinced the graft didn't take because of how it looked. I am not posting the pic on here, but you can click on the link to see it. I think it's cool, but it makes those other pics of it look mild. So I am trying to be considerate... Who would have thought I had it in me?

Tomorrow morning is my follow up appointment where I am supposed to get my stitches out. This morning, one of the stitches fell out. I thought somehow it broke, but when I looked, the loop was completely intact. My mouth had pushed it out.

It felt so much better with that out that I wanted the other two out as well. They hadn't worked themselves out so much, so I had to cut them. It was a bit hard to do and I poked myself more than I wanted trying to do it. I had to use two mirrors to see the area, so my motions in the mirrors were opposite. I finally got them cut and out, and ooooh my mouth feels so much better. About 10 minutes after I got done cutting the stitches out of the roof of my mouth, one of the stiches on my graft site fell out.

So tomorrow my periodontist will be expecting to removed 5 stitches and only find one - if it makes it till morning. I hope he isn't mad. My mouth looks really good and it was so ready to get rid of those rope-like things. They were huge and my mouth didn't like them.

Do you like the little spit-bubbles in this pic? Ha ha. I do! My camera has a pretty good "macro" mode.

I will keep you posted on my recovery and rehab, 'cause I know you care...


Finding Joy in the Journey said...

It's looking good! We didn't think Steven's graft did much, but it looks like, as gross as it looks, yours seems to have made a difference. Nice pics! Your camera is amazing.

Jes said...

Wow! What kind of camera do you have?

Cerra Hawkins said...

It's a Canon SD11oo IS.

Paul + Emily said...

OUCH!! Looks so painful!! Amazing pictures.. I can't believe the detail!!