Monday, April 27, 2009

As Seen on TV

Last Friday Lynne decided that I needed to be her guinea pig. She had wandered into the "As Seen on TV" section of Bed Bath and Beyond and returned to work with none other than ~ Smooth Away.
I must admit there is plenty of infomercial crap that I am highly tempted to spend just $19.99 on, but wait, there's more... Smooth Away was not one of them though. I had seen it, but wasn't moved by it at all. Lynne, on the other hand, was. She must have been concerned about the safety of the product though, because she wanted me to try it first. Of course, I did.

I had my doubts. It's like super, super fine sand paper. I did one of my arms. I have really fine, soft arm hair anyway, but it was there so I did it. Three circles clockwise, then counter and VWALLA! No HAIR! There was a smell though. A lot like the one after your hair gets caught in the blow dryer. But the skin never got hot or hurt. AMAZING!

Okay, so this thing can take off my super-fine, blonde arm hair - WOOPIDEEDOO! We needed a better test, so we turned to the MEN. It successfully took off a hairy patch on Mark and Clark's arms and CJ's (Lynne's son - hairy dude) leg. Wow. Who would have thunk?

Needless to say, Lynne didn't get to take her hair removal kit home - I kept it. I did by her another one over the weekend though.

When I got home, I did my other arm, my 'stache and between my eyebrows. It does make you ashy though, so have lotion on hand for afterword. No surprise here, but it exfoliates very nicely too. Don't get all OCD though 'cause you will rub your skin raw. It doesn't seem to work very well on stubble just full grown hair, and small areas are hard to get like near your elbows even when using the small one. Redness did occur for me on my lip and a bit between my brow for a good 12 or more hours, so I don't recommend it as a 'stache removal option just before your hot date.

All in all I think it's worth the $9.99 you will spend at Bed Bath and Beyond or Walgreens. Don't pay any more for it than that though. I am not sure about replacement pads though as far as price and availability goes. It comes with 5 big and 5 small ones. We completely wore out one large pad with my arms and those three small patches on the men.

Here are my latest infomercial temptations.

What are yours? What have you tried?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Looky What I Found

So I decided that I needed to recycle my pizza boxes, empty water bottles, etc. instead of being the typical American consumer that I have been. I really wish our apartment complex did some sort of recycling program. I do feel guilty when I head to the trash can with my two garbage bags or more full. I could recycle so much more.

Anyway, I had no idea where I can recycle these things around here, so to Google I went. I found a recycling center nearby and also cool crop art from the satellite view. I think it's of zoo animals. I am very impressed with the forethought that must have gone into this to get it to look that good from the air.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

OMGosh - They're Back!

I was trying to take really stupid quizzes of Facebook when I should have been in bed, but then Facebook got all glitchy and wouldn't load anything. You would think this would be a perfect sign that I need to go to bed. Well, not for "Tweak-job-Cerra." I decided it would be a good idea to go through my old bookmarks that I haven't looked at in a while and stumbled upon the falcon cam links.

Cerra's thought process:
  • Oooo, it's the right time of year, I wonder if my feathered friends are back.
  • Hmmm, chances are against me being so lucky.
  • And even if they are back, it's dark, you idiot. You won't be able to see a thing.

Well, even amid all my pessimism, I decided to take a peek, and waduyaknow? OMGosh! THEY'RE BACK (and I could see them)! I just reminded myself of Family Guy last night. Peter said that something was almost as exciting as when he hears the title of a movie in that movie. I despise that show, but totally empathize with the excitement of the phenomena (irony).

Wow, this is like a meth-head wrote this post... I'll just link to the birds and leave it at that.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shameless Solicitation

**CLICK** to sponsor me
in the 13th annual
Susan G Komen
Race for the Cure.

This year Lynne and I got corporate sponsorship. We are the Qqest Breast Savers! We would love for you to join our group. The race is May 9th in SLC. If you join our group, I may even be able to hook you up with a totally awesome custom Qqest Breast Savers t-shirt for free! Yay!

I missed it last year, but not the year before. My motivation is the same, but so much has changed - for the good.

See you at the finish line! ;-)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Livin' the Thug Life

Did you know LL Cool J had a clothing line? Neither did I! I went shopping on Wednesday while Dillon attended a business luncheon. I found some LL Cool J jeans for 90% off. Woohoo! Who doesn't love $6 jeans? At this price, even the Ed Hardy-esque detail on the back pockets was appealing.

(settle down, Paul, those are your sister's butt cheeks)

I guess the rip-off attitude from hip-hop carried over to his clothing line.

They have crosses all over them too. Just below the hips on the leg is a cross rivet-type thing. It serves no functional purpose - that I could tell anyway.

I was playing with the one on my left side a bit to much I guess because it fell off at work. Damn-it! Pete Ashdown came to the rescue though and averted my wardrobe crisis.

He may have even been more fashionable on there than the cross. I will have to think hard about whether or not I want to repair this side or leave Pete.

The fly buttons have skulls and crosses.

Woah, these pants are so too hard-core for me.

All in all, I really actually like the pants. They are very comfortable and subtle looking at first glance.

(someone needs to clean their camera lens...)

And speaking of "hip-hop rip-off":



I have come to the conclusion that they expect you to grow out of hip-hop by the time you are 26 so they don't have to worry about fans recognizing the originals. Ask my 14 year old niece if she knows who A Flock of Seagulls is and she'll reply with something like, "You mean, those birds at the beach?" but she gets "low-low-low" with Flo Rida. Her dad, on the other hand may very well have had a huge man-crush on the guy with the hair that looked like an Aqua Net marketer's dream come true, but when asked about said hip-hop sensation, he would remark something like, "You mean the state? Why'd you put a space in the middle of it, idiot?" And then there's me, somewhere in between...

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Look What's Coming

Thursday, April 02, 2009

6 Days Later

It's been six days since my gum graft. The first three days I was virtually pain free as long as I stayed on the Lortab. On the fourth day, the Lortab stopped being as effective. By day 5, I was taking it with no results. I took the last one at noon-ish yesterday. By 7pm I was in the worst pain I can remember. I had a splitting migraine, my bones ached and I felt like crap. I think I was having Lortab withdrawals! I keep thinking of Rush Limbaugh every time I think about being addicted to prescription pain meds. Bah! I hate that guy. Anyway, I may be a recovering addict.

My gum graft got a lot worse before it got better too. The roof of my mouth didn't, but the graft sight was looking a bit bad there for a day or so. I was convinced the graft didn't take because of how it looked. I am not posting the pic on here, but you can click on the link to see it. I think it's cool, but it makes those other pics of it look mild. So I am trying to be considerate... Who would have thought I had it in me?

Tomorrow morning is my follow up appointment where I am supposed to get my stitches out. This morning, one of the stitches fell out. I thought somehow it broke, but when I looked, the loop was completely intact. My mouth had pushed it out.

It felt so much better with that out that I wanted the other two out as well. They hadn't worked themselves out so much, so I had to cut them. It was a bit hard to do and I poked myself more than I wanted trying to do it. I had to use two mirrors to see the area, so my motions in the mirrors were opposite. I finally got them cut and out, and ooooh my mouth feels so much better. About 10 minutes after I got done cutting the stitches out of the roof of my mouth, one of the stiches on my graft site fell out.

So tomorrow my periodontist will be expecting to removed 5 stitches and only find one - if it makes it till morning. I hope he isn't mad. My mouth looks really good and it was so ready to get rid of those rope-like things. They were huge and my mouth didn't like them.

Do you like the little spit-bubbles in this pic? Ha ha. I do! My camera has a pretty good "macro" mode.

I will keep you posted on my recovery and rehab, 'cause I know you care...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bachelor Results are In

The Bachelor Round I is officially over. Paula and Screwy were neck and neck for the majority of the race. The last few days they were 5 and 5. As the voting window closed, it appeared that it would end that way, but a in a surprising turn of events, someone changed their vote from Paula to Becky Jo. So the winner by a beak is SCREWY!

My dad didn't seem to take the news well. In fact, Screwy had a seemingly timely demise right after the results were announced. Someone used my dad's best hatchet and wacked off Screwy's head in the night. All I can say is that I am glad Melissa didn't win cuz my dad could be in SERIOUS trouble.

As in any respectable pagent, when the first place contestant is unable to fufill the duties of the position, second steps in. Paula and Doug's first date is this weekend. Stay tuned...