Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dougie Days

My dad came in to town Thursday to see his first grandbaby and visit. They seemed to hit it off, but how can you not love this face?

We went out to eat Thursday night for Emily's mom's b-day. Friday I hung out all day with Paul, Em, Doug, and PJ while Dillon worked - someone's gotta bring home the bacon. I hogged PJ all day. It was great.

On Saturday we spent the day at the park. Porter was looking especially cute in his little outfit.

We had a picnic and family photo shoot.

Paul insisted on making stupid faces (some would argue he has no other kind) in the majority of the pictures we took. I am about as amused as Emily looks by his antics. Although if he didn't act this way, we may think him to be sick or something.

We brought Emily's family's dog. She was fun when she wasn't trying to eat little dogs. My dad and she were buddies. He had her pose with us in the photo shoot. She looks like his hunting pal.

See what I mean about Paul? This first one is the best one of everyone except for Paul's Zoolander face. Then he pulls this cheesy smile. WTF, Paul?!?! The dog took more good ones than you.

This one was cute of Paul and Emily. The rest of us? Not so much, so we got cropped out.

We dubbed my dad The Pigeon Whisperer. He raised pigeons while Paul and I were little. He's always liked them. There was a nest of them in the rafters of the park's picnic area shelter. One of the babies fell out, and my dad put it back in the nest - thus saving its life. He said they were about a week away from being able to leave the nest. Some would call them rats with wings, but not my dad; not The Pigeon Whisperer!

Dillon got a little sun. The cute pink on his nose and cheeks is already turning to a nice color.

I am glad my dad got to come down to meet his first grandchild and visit with us. I think we all had a good time.

He headed home this morning. It sounds like we'll have more Dougie Days in May though for PJ's blessing.

I haven't broken the news to him about Screwy yet. I just hope he'll be happy with his new exbachelorette. I will wait until he gets home to tell him. We wouldn't want him doing anything crazy on the road.

And for your viewing enjoyment here's what I call "The Many Faces of Paul."


Finding Joy in the Journey said...

Porter is getting so big and so cute! I bet you are loving it!

Cerra Hawkins said...

I am! :-) Thanks Mindy.

Sasha said...

i can't believe how much he's grown already. wow. he's really cute. nice to see all of these pics. oh and the jeans are cute! too hard core for me for sure, but i think you're pulling them off great :)