Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dougie Days

My dad came in to town Thursday to see his first grandbaby and visit. They seemed to hit it off, but how can you not love this face?

We went out to eat Thursday night for Emily's mom's b-day. Friday I hung out all day with Paul, Em, Doug, and PJ while Dillon worked - someone's gotta bring home the bacon. I hogged PJ all day. It was great.

On Saturday we spent the day at the park. Porter was looking especially cute in his little outfit.

We had a picnic and family photo shoot.

Paul insisted on making stupid faces (some would argue he has no other kind) in the majority of the pictures we took. I am about as amused as Emily looks by his antics. Although if he didn't act this way, we may think him to be sick or something.

We brought Emily's family's dog. She was fun when she wasn't trying to eat little dogs. My dad and she were buddies. He had her pose with us in the photo shoot. She looks like his hunting pal.

See what I mean about Paul? This first one is the best one of everyone except for Paul's Zoolander face. Then he pulls this cheesy smile. WTF, Paul?!?! The dog took more good ones than you.

This one was cute of Paul and Emily. The rest of us? Not so much, so we got cropped out.

We dubbed my dad The Pigeon Whisperer. He raised pigeons while Paul and I were little. He's always liked them. There was a nest of them in the rafters of the park's picnic area shelter. One of the babies fell out, and my dad put it back in the nest - thus saving its life. He said they were about a week away from being able to leave the nest. Some would call them rats with wings, but not my dad; not The Pigeon Whisperer!

Dillon got a little sun. The cute pink on his nose and cheeks is already turning to a nice color.

I am glad my dad got to come down to meet his first grandchild and visit with us. I think we all had a good time.

He headed home this morning. It sounds like we'll have more Dougie Days in May though for PJ's blessing.

I haven't broken the news to him about Screwy yet. I just hope he'll be happy with his new exbachelorette. I will wait until he gets home to tell him. We wouldn't want him doing anything crazy on the road.

And for your viewing enjoyment here's what I call "The Many Faces of Paul."

Friday, March 27, 2009

Pleasantly Surprised

I was all set to have a miserable day today. After all, I did have surgery on my mouth. I got up at was at the periodontics office at 7:30a. Based on the sounds of the cutting of the roof of my mouth, I just new I was going to be in a world of hurt after the numbness wore off. I am so glad I was wrong. I took one of my prescribed Lortabs when my face started to tingle and another one 6 hours later and I have been virtually pain free. I am also pleasantly surprised that Lortab gives me no greater side effects than Tylenol or Advil. I don't even get drowsy. It's great. And I just love how gnarly the roof of my mouth is. Don't worry, I will show you.

One of my canines had the root exposed due to gum recession. I have since learned that a big majority of it was due to my improper and over brushing. Root exposure, above and beyond the fact that it makes the area super sensitive, is a problem because the gums aren't there to protect it from bacteria and wear and tear. So on my last dentist appointment I was told I need to see a periodontist.

And now for my cool pics.

left - before, right - after (I bet it's going to look a lot better in a week or two)

And this is were they pulled that supple, gum tissue from. The assistant left some of the sutures too long so I find my tongue involuntarily checking them out.

I took the day off work to recover and spent it in Utah County at my brother's and sister-in-law's. My dad is in town so we all hung out, and I got to hold little PJ all day. I was in heaven. He's such a love. I hadn't seen him in 3 weeks, and he's getting so big.

I also told Emily about my bowel movements.

Why do people always react like that?...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Web TV

My two latest YouTube subscriptions:

They're worth sharing...

Dillon hates Fred, but I totally don't care. *scream* (that was my Fred impersonation)

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Dillon recently turned me on to a man of remarkable words - Yogi Berra. I just wish I could have discovered him in all his wisdom while he was still alive. I feel a little like Dion right now...

What?!? That ol' bugger isn't dead!?!?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Bachelor

My dad has recently charged me with the responsibility of choosing my next step-mom. Instead of taking on this great duty on my own, I decided to implore you for your aid. I must warn you, my dad's a pimp, so there are a lot of hot babes to choose from. (vote for your favorite(s)off to the right)

Bachelorette #1 - Chrissie
Chrissie likes taking long walks on the beach and playing with her dog, Yazo. She wants a partner who she can share her life with.*

Bachelorette #2 - Kathy
Kathy's idea of the perfect date is snuggling up in a flannel blanket by a fireplace and talking about old times. She also likes camping and hiking.*

Bachelorette #3 - Cricket
Cricket considers herself spontaneous and adventurous. Her hobbies include scrap-booking and painting. She's looking for someone who can make her laugh.*

Bachelorette #4 - Becky Jo
Becky Jo prides herself on her honesty and loyalty. She is happiest when she is in the midst of a few loved ones or curled up with a good book. She wants someone who she can be herself with.*

Bachelorette #5 - Melissa
Melissa thinks most people take life way too seriously. She likes to travel and try new things. She wants someone who isn't afraid to be themselves and let her do the same.*

Bachelorette #6 - Cathie
Cathie is quiet at first, but a regular "Chatty-Kathy" once you get to know her. She likes the simpler things in life. She believes there's someone for everyone and is looking for hers.*

Bachelorette #7 - Mary
Mary is the queen of any kitchen. She specializes in baked goods - they don't call her "Sweetie" just because she's nice. She loves to serve her fellow man and meet new people. She wants to find a companion she can grow old with.*

Bachelorette #8 - Paula
Paula is a no nonsense kind of gal. She knows what she is looking for and isn't afraid to go after it. She enjoys watching old movies and going on long walks to nowhere.*

Bachelorette #9 - Marsha
Marsha is a country girl at heart. She likes to get her hands dirty and wants a man who isn't opposed to doing the same. She grew up on a farm and really has a soft spot in her heart for animals and nature.*

Bachelorette #10 - Golfia
Golfia likes going to the movies and dancing. She's been known as a social butterfly on several occasions. She needs someone who can keep up with her and make her smile.*

Bachelorette #11 - Screwy
Screwy is a very vocal individual. He likes to sing to Doug when they are together. He also enjoys a good peck and scratch at the ground. Cracked corn is by far his favorite meal. He believes in love and first sight.

So there you have it - the lineup. Who will Doug give a rose to next week and who will go home empty handed? The choice is yours.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, are entirely made-up by the author, and probably bear no resemblance to reality in any way, shape, or form.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When 1 Feels More Like 5 or 6

I hate Daylight Savings Time (DST). This one has been particularly hard on Dillon and me. I have always hated and questioned the purpose of DST. Just when I get used to it (sometimes I never do), it's time to change again. Now the off time is even shorter.

The circadian rhythm shouldn't be messed with. Studies have shown negative effects from DST - even a notable increase in heart attacks following the change. Changes to our circadian rhythm have also been attributed to an increased risk to cancer. This article directly talks about working the night shift increasing cancer risk, but the underlying reason is because the shift disrupts the body's biological clock and the light and dark balance people are exposed to.

I think any "benefits" from the change are greatly outweighed by its downfalls. I have a hard enough time keeping track of that oh so illusive thing that DST really does a number on me. I want it gone for good.

Friday, March 06, 2009

"I am sorry; I am too busy to do your payroll right now."

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sleep-running... into walls

Silly Bizkit, there are no rabbits.

Poor puppy. He's going to feel that one in the morning.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Ugly Sweater Day

Some days you've just gotta put one on and lay low. Today was one of those days.