Sunday, February 08, 2009

Still Regretting

In December I found glasses that I fell in love with at Costco. These frames were hard to find anywhere else, and when I did, they were at least $120 more than they were at Costco. I decided to wait until the beginning of the year so I could get reimbursed from my medical reimbursement plan for 2009. When I went back to Costco to buy them, they were gone - sold out everywhere. After a time of denial, I pursued other options. My new glasses came in today. They were $30 cheaper than those others would have been, but I am still totally bummed that I couldn't have the other ones. I don't want to be, but I am. The frames I wanted were a "crimson" with a bright blue inside. These I got are brown with a light blue inside the eye part only. I like the shape of the other ones a whole lot better too.

what I wanted (left); what I got (right)
I would love to be able to say with 100% confidence that, if I found those frames again, I wouldn't buy them because I just bought glasses, but I can't because I would. I am not sure how long it's going to take to get over these old frames. Getting my new glasses just made it worse.


Miss Heather said...

I love the glasses!!

Emily :) said...

I think that your new glasses are absolutely adorable!! You are so cute in glasses, you should wear them a lot more often!

Cerra Hawkins said...

Thanks guys. The main reason I don't wear glasses more is because my prescription in my old glasses were about a decade old. It's nice to have glasses I can really see in again. :-)

Emilee said...

Adrian and I have made too many mistakes by not buying something when we found it so now if we find something, we will just buy it. Cute glasses! I have similar ones but the perscription needs to get changed.