Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'll Come to Your House and Chew Gum

Last March Paula Abdul came on The Late Show with David Letterman drunk, at best. At one point Dave actually asked her, "Are you drunk?" She said she wasn't, of course.

Last night Dave sarcastically apologized to Farah Fawcett because she was topped by Joaquin Phoenix in the field of "spaced-out Letterman guests." I thought Joaquin was going to freak out and storm off the stage at some point, but instead Dave got him to smile with a stab he took at him at the end.

I love watching people who think they are getting away with being messed up on whatever it is they're on, when it's totally apparent. So trashy. It makes me laugh. I was dying last night. I love how he asks David what the audience is on. Too much.

It also made me feel sorry for him. Not to get all cheesy and cliche on you, but you can see that there is a lot of pain in him.

Paula Abdul is a lot more wealthy than I had previously thought. I looked and looked and for the life of me could not find any footage of her drunken interview with Letterman. There have been two interviews since then of a totally sober (only a little drunk) Paula on that show, and those were all I could find. I found a lot of things talking about it and even links to video, but when I click play, it the video was no longer available. I think somehow she had them all taken down. I had no idea she has such control over the dubya, dubya, dubya (www). Kinda spooky. This is a pic from the interview.
If you can find a video, let me know.

Here's Farah.


Miss Heather said...

I thought it was hilarious. :) He was actually acting and the whole thing was staged (Letterman was in on it). I was dying!!!

Finding Joy in the Journey said...

That's hilarious! I've heard about the one with Paula, but I haven't had a chance to see it yet. If you find it, post it or let me know.

Cerra Hawkins said...

I don't buy it. It was too real to me... I don't know. I guess we'll find out when his "mockumentary" comes out in 2010 - maybe. It just seems like something that you would say was staged because it's better than everyone thinking you were really acting like such a jackass. If it was staged, it's a lame publicity stunt.

Sasha said...

i have a hard time believing it was staged either. it was just too wierd and sad. something was seriously wrong and then made worst by letterman laughing at him to his face. very strange. farrah is a fool. is it really allowed to be that old and still be an airhead?