Sunday, February 01, 2009

Play it Again, Sam

You know a song is popular (over-played) when you hear it on three different radio stations at the same time.

I would actually love this song had they not "sampled" a portion of the "Numa Numa" song in it. You see, hip-hop loves to "sample" (rip off) things already in existence. That's one of the reasons the industry can pump out so much of it so fast. I normally don't mind, but this time, it ruined a potentially great song for me.

The problem (other than the fact that it gets stuck in your head for weeks at a time) is that this song they are sampling is not new to me. It has been at least a decade since I first heard this song on a video that circled the internet. This was long before the mainstream got in on the various media making its way through cyberspace, and since I had a "super-nerd" living in the same house as me (Paul), I saw the video. Images from that are forever ingrained in my brain. Not that I didn't (and still don't) love the video. That kid makes me laugh so hard, but picturing his chubby arms flying through the air totally ruins this song as an awesome hip-hop song for me.

I don't think I would trade my selfish want to be able to enjoy that song for the lack of Gary Brolsma's contribution to this world though. Now that I think about it, maybe there is more to him than his cute, awkward chunkiness. Maybe he somehow intentionally got that piece into the song to rekindle his fame in a plan to eventually take over the world...


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