Saturday, February 14, 2009

Official *pops collar*

(Nah, I don't really pop my collar, but I am cool enough to) I have finally hit my 3/4 completion mark of my initial weight loss goal. I can now say, "33 DOWN, 11 TO GO!" It's official. Woohoo!
This part took way too long and I am planning a much quicker pace for the last part. Once these last 11 lbs are gone, I will start on my 20 lb goal. After that, it just maintaining. Sounds simple enough, right?


Finding Joy in the Journey said...

That's awesome! Congrats! I look forward to the maintaining time as well.

Cerra Hawkins said...

Thanks Mindy. I think you are a lot closer to it than I am. You'll have to let me know how awesome it is.