Sunday, February 22, 2009

Love Just Isn't Enough

The word just doesn't seem to adequately describe my feelings toward the newest (smallest) member of our family - Porter Jed Craven. I have only seen him on three occasions, but I am addicted. Dillon says it's because I am broody. Well, I would be lying if I said it wasn't true, but I just think I am in love and beyond. He is just too precious for words. I get all choked up just looking at him sometimes.

Just born, this is Porter on the scale. He is 2185 grams. His daddy has appropriately nicknamed him "Squirt" before he was even born.
He didn't really cry much the first day.
Unfortunately for Paul and Em, that didn't last long. This was the same little angel the next day.
Even screaming, he's still precious... Even so, he does seem like a pretty good baby.

PJ with aunties (Donna and Cerra)

He got to go home just two days after he was born. It's going to be a while before he will fit in all his cute clothes. The second one makes me laugh so hard. He looks like a baby Urkle with his waistband up to his arm pits.
Emily is such a great little mommy. I hear Paul's a pretty cute daddy too.My mom and I went to visit them tonight. Emily's mom made us an awesome dinner. We had a nice visit, and we got to feed and hold Porter. He's a cute baby. He is still making faces that keep me in stitches. Grandma Cheryl is a little obsessed too. Porter seemed pretty content with her shoulder.
What a cutie!
Look how tiny he is. I love how his mouth is open and arm is hanging out. What a love.


Finding Joy in the Journey said...

Oh my, what a cutie! He looks so tiny, especially when people are holding him. He's lucky to have such great people to love him!

Emily :) said...

aww.. that's my baby! :) You are such a wonderful aunt Cerra! Porter is lucky to have you! Thanks for taking such cute pictures! I love you!!

mamahawk said...

WOW... how great it is that this sweet baby has so many who love him already. GREAT DAYS AHEAD PJ :)