Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm an Auntie Again!

I got a call from my brother this morning with the news. I was so excited. I thought I misheard him when he told me his size - 4 lbs 13 oz and 16". What?!?! That's so little! He said that Emily is little and he was 10 days early. I knew there was something he missing because those things didn't add up to such a tiny baby. When I talked to the boss, she told me that the cord was around his neck. That explained a lot. Earlier he was having problems every time she would have mini contractions. They were so small she couldn't even feel then, but his heart rate would drop significantly when she did. They didn't figure out why until he was born.

He came so quickly too. They barely made it to the hospital. By the time the doctor got there, it was over. The nurses delivered him. No one could believe how quickly it went. Emily thought she was going to have him on the street.

They've decided to name him Porter. Which is adorable and they may even give him a middle name that starts with 'J.' That's great for me because I have been calling him PJ (Paul Junior) since I found out they were pregnant. Paul kept calling him Squirt while I was there. I like that nickname too. It will be even better when he's 6' 6". :-)

He was in the nursery when I got there. His glucose and temp were a bit low, so they had to take him for a while. Get a load of those feet! That is not an optical illusion. They really are that much bigger than the rest of him. He's got A LOT of growing to do to grow into those. They are just like his daddy's - narrow and LONG. They took up almost all of the room (top to bottom) on the square they stamped his footprints in.
Uh-oh, the nurse made hims mad!..

This shows an average sized baby that was born after Porter was born. Porter is also about 6 feet closer to the camera than this other baby too. He's so teeny.
Before I had to go they brought him back to the room. The nurse said that she had a shirt, booties, a hat and three blankets on him to help maintain his body temp. The hat was almost folded in half and still stuck up probably three inches off his little head.
I got to hold him for a while. Paul took some a pics of the cutie and his proud auntie. He was making funny faces. I can't wait until they blog about him because they have some awesome footage and pictures of him. I will link to it when they do.

For such a small baby, he's really healthy. He's so expressive and alert. When I was holding him, he wasn't resting his head on my arm, he kept lifting it up himself and stretching his neck out. He would also turn his head to look at you when you talked to him and move his eyes around the room in response to different noises. He had the funniest faces to make too. I could watch him for hours. Also while I had him, he sneezed. It was startling and adorable at the same time and reminded me of this.

I think he has Emily's eyes and Paul's nose (oh yeah, and FEET!). It's hard to tell this early though.

Welcome little Porter. We love you!


Sasha said...

wow. precious little baby. that is so teeny. but, since the baby baby time goes by so darn fast, maybe this will just mean they get a little extra. congrats to you all. and i love his name.

Finding Joy in the Journey said...

Congrats!! That's so exciting!! I love the name, and he's adorable! I'm glad everyone is healthy. It's always scary when they are so small.

mamahawk said...

I was glad to hear today that Porter was able to go home with his parents.

His hat looks like a good fit too.

Congrats Emily and Paul.