Saturday, January 24, 2009

Showering Emy (and not because she smells bad)

Today was Emily's baby shower. Her mother and sisters threw it for her. A lot of people showed up. The food was yummy and cute. There were little sandwiches shaped like flowers. Emily got some great loot too. It was a good time.
Natasha (Em's sister) was a great little host and present manager. :-)
Some more of the guests...
My mom, Hailey and WhitBrooklynMy mom and her sister-in-law Emily's sister-in-law's (Dara's) Mom, Dara, Em's niece, Whitney, and her sister, Donna
My mom's sis-in-law and Emily's mom (standing) Em's friend and Whitney (sitting)Julie, Em's friend from work and Emy

Emily seemed happy when it was all said and done too.
The baby comes in about 1 month. We are all pretty excited.

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