Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Renewed Umph

It was announced today in our company meeting that they were going to start a wellness program. Payroll was highlighted in the presentation of the new program for our Biggest Loser contests. The first thing is a walking challenge. We are all going to buy pedometers (reimbursed up to $20 by the company upon completion of the challenge) and track our footsteps everyday for a month, I think. The goal is to walk 8,000+ steps a day. The average person should be doing 10,000.

They also highlighted some other people in the office that were using a yoga/pilates ball instead of a chair. When you sit on one of these balls, you are constantly working your muscles to keep your balance.

I also found out that the lady that is spearheading the wellness program teaches a free yoga class once a week.

How did I react to all of this? I went shopping! I threw my old yoga mat away when it got spiderwebs in it, the ball I have is too small to use as a chair, and I don't have a pedometer. So I had to go shopping. I got a great deal on a HUGE (75 cm) ball. It was regularly $39.99 and I paid $13. It's red. I wish it were pink or purple, but the big ones are targeted toward dudes since they're for people 6'2" and up. It'll be okay though. I love the mat I got. It's a Danskins and it matches my shoes PERFECTLY. I really like the idea that it matches my running shoes even though I probably will never use both at once. As for my pedometer, I looked three places before I found a pink one. I did sacrifice function for form. I know, I am lame. It's not a bad one though and it was only $10 and came with a walking CD. OH YEAH! You heard it! A WALKING CD!!! Whatever the hell that does..."Left - Right - Left - Right - Good! Now lets repeat it..." :-P And while I was out and about, I found a darling pair of shorts for a price I couldn't pass up. I already have the exact short but in a different shade of pink. I know, I know, I'm committable. You can see them under my pedo - I just made up this abbreviation. It's pretty awesome. Feel free to use it.

I have only been wearing the pedo since 8pm or so and I am really surprised with how many steps it has on it already. I thought it had to be miscalculating, but I counted many with it and it was right on. If anything it was short. I did run a mile and a half, but still, the #'s climbed faster than I thought they would. It also has a clock, distance tracker, and calorie tracker. Not bad for $10.

I am down in weight a bit from my post about my lack of losing, but I still seem to be "stuck." I hope this gives me the extra kick I need to start dropping again.


Becky Knowles said...

That's such a cool idea. Now I want to go buy a pedo-. :) I am taking a Ball Core Cardio class at the school and it seriously KICKS MY BUTT! It's amazing how much you can do with those exercise balls.

Cerra Hawkins said...

Ha ha. Well, you need to stop by the office and teach us some ball moves. When I showed up with mine today, Lote, Ese, and Mark had Lynne get them one when she got hers on her lunch break. The only thing we do is bounce on them. I am sure we all look pretty silly. Also, Mark giggled like a 7th grade boy all day when we would talk about our balls...

mamahawk said...

you go girl :)