Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ever get the feeling you've missed something?..

For some stupid reason, I forgot to post about my family's Christmas party. We celebrated on the 28th which was also my littlest niece's b-day, so we combined them. It was fun, as always, hanging with my mom, bros, and their fams.

We had a potluck style dinner. My mom brought the ham and turkey. We had rolls, salads, and other various deliciousness as Aj shows.
The kids had fun opening their presents.
I got Maddy's sisters little makeup kits for their b-days this year and promised her I would do the same for her. She probably loves makeup the most out of all of them. I should have checked with her mom before I made the promise, but my mouth almost always proceeds my mind. Sheri didn't seem too upset at me though, which is good. ;-)
Maddy really did love it.Dalan with his Hulk. Can you see the resemblance? ;-)
I gave everyone a candy cane with a note attached to it. I thought it was nice. I didn't use traditional (red and white) candy canes because I think the colored ones taste better. The little note attached talked about the symbolism of the red and white. I figured everyone could make the connection, but I got a lot of shit for it. Whatever, it was the thought that counted.
My mom gave Rob and Bill a shirt to wear while they watched the big game (which was yesterday). They seemed to really like them.
We sang to Maddy and she blew out the candles on her Bolt cake.
I have beautiful nieces.
We had some loving debates about gravity. I still think the two sides were talking about two completely different things.
Dillon and Brooklyn.
Paul likes hanging out with redheads.
Me and Jordi.
Whit and me.
I just posted this terrible pic of Paul to piss him off. hahahaha And if you look closely, you can see what started the gravity debate. Emily gave it to him for Christmas.I hope you all had wonderful holidays with those you love. I know I did.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness.. those pictures are so absolutely precious! That Christmas party was so much fun!! I can't believe Christmas is over! I appreciate so much that you always take the best of pictures at our family parties! Love you Cerra!

Emily :) said...

whoops.. Anonymous is me Emily...sorry!