Friday, January 30, 2009

We're Just Playing Makeup

I did my coworker's eyes today. She looked really pretty. Maybe she'll let me post her pic on here. She was talking a while back about smokey eyes and that she wished she knew how to do them. There are many YouTube tutorials about it, but I LOVE doing makeup. So I offered to do it for her and teach her. She seemed almost as excited as I was about it.

It was fun. I had a little audience, and Lynne checked in from time to time to see what I was doing and give feedback. When we were done, someone asked her where she was going. She said, "Nowhere, we're just playing makeup."

On a similar note, I had some unique eye make up today. I like to match my shirts sometimes. I just think it's really fun. I was wearing blue and red. I got some comments that led me to believe it didn't look the best. Oh well, it was still fun.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Showering Emy (and not because she smells bad)

Today was Emily's baby shower. Her mother and sisters threw it for her. A lot of people showed up. The food was yummy and cute. There were little sandwiches shaped like flowers. Emily got some great loot too. It was a good time.
Natasha (Em's sister) was a great little host and present manager. :-)
Some more of the guests...
My mom, Hailey and WhitBrooklynMy mom and her sister-in-law Emily's sister-in-law's (Dara's) Mom, Dara, Em's niece, Whitney, and her sister, Donna
My mom's sis-in-law and Emily's mom (standing) Em's friend and Whitney (sitting)Julie, Em's friend from work and Emy

Emily seemed happy when it was all said and done too.
The baby comes in about 1 month. We are all pretty excited.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Renewed Umph

It was announced today in our company meeting that they were going to start a wellness program. Payroll was highlighted in the presentation of the new program for our Biggest Loser contests. The first thing is a walking challenge. We are all going to buy pedometers (reimbursed up to $20 by the company upon completion of the challenge) and track our footsteps everyday for a month, I think. The goal is to walk 8,000+ steps a day. The average person should be doing 10,000.

They also highlighted some other people in the office that were using a yoga/pilates ball instead of a chair. When you sit on one of these balls, you are constantly working your muscles to keep your balance.

I also found out that the lady that is spearheading the wellness program teaches a free yoga class once a week.

How did I react to all of this? I went shopping! I threw my old yoga mat away when it got spiderwebs in it, the ball I have is too small to use as a chair, and I don't have a pedometer. So I had to go shopping. I got a great deal on a HUGE (75 cm) ball. It was regularly $39.99 and I paid $13. It's red. I wish it were pink or purple, but the big ones are targeted toward dudes since they're for people 6'2" and up. It'll be okay though. I love the mat I got. It's a Danskins and it matches my shoes PERFECTLY. I really like the idea that it matches my running shoes even though I probably will never use both at once. As for my pedometer, I looked three places before I found a pink one. I did sacrifice function for form. I know, I am lame. It's not a bad one though and it was only $10 and came with a walking CD. OH YEAH! You heard it! A WALKING CD!!! Whatever the hell that does..."Left - Right - Left - Right - Good! Now lets repeat it..." :-P And while I was out and about, I found a darling pair of shorts for a price I couldn't pass up. I already have the exact short but in a different shade of pink. I know, I know, I'm committable. You can see them under my pedo - I just made up this abbreviation. It's pretty awesome. Feel free to use it.

I have only been wearing the pedo since 8pm or so and I am really surprised with how many steps it has on it already. I thought it had to be miscalculating, but I counted many with it and it was right on. If anything it was short. I did run a mile and a half, but still, the #'s climbed faster than I thought they would. It also has a clock, distance tracker, and calorie tracker. Not bad for $10.

I am down in weight a bit from my post about my lack of losing, but I still seem to be "stuck." I hope this gives me the extra kick I need to start dropping again.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Remembering a Hero

Dr Martin Luther King Jr is among a very few on my list of heroes. He was a man of God that did a great work while on this Earth. He preached love and peace. He paved the way for all men to embrace equality. He is smiling from heaven on what will take place tomorrow, and it would not be a reality without his role. We are fulfilling his dream and must not let it die. He, like other greats before him, was a martyr for his cause. My feelings of love and gratitude for Martin Luther King are great as I reflect on a true hero.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Is it so wrong to be right?

It's been almost a month since I learned to knit. Last weekend was the first time I picked it back up. After learning to crochet in that Thursday's Relief Society function, I was feeling pretty stoked to work with yarn, so I went out of Friday and bought yarn, needles and hooks. Since it had been longer since I had learned, I decided to start with knitting so that I wouldn't forget.

I started out just with practicing in mind. It took me a while and a few seconds of a YouTube video tutorial to remember how to cast on, and I watched another one to make sure I was doing the knit stitch right. I made a conscious effort to turn everything opposite due to my lefty awesomeness. (Lefties are a minority and seem to feel a need to remark on their awesomeness as such at any opportunity)

I wasn't counting stitches initially and just filled the needle when I cast on. As I went though I decided to make a square. So I ended up making a 31 X 31 square. My stitches are surprisingly nice.

Sasha never did get to teach me how to cast off, so when I was done, I was back on YouTube searching. I am really amazed at how many people like to make knitting tutorial videos. So I watched one video and it wasn't very good. Before I left, I did notice that the tutor was knitting left handed like I was. I found another video that was great and taught me how to do it. I thought, 'Wow, there are a lot of left handed knitters on YouTube!' because she also knitted just like me.

As I was starting on my second 31 X 31 stitch square, I really was irritated that I had to pick up the yarn each time and wrap it around the needle. I have seen old ladies knit and never take their hands off the needle. I also remember Sasha saying something about a "picking" method she had recently aquired. I decided to try to figure it out.

It didn't take me long, but it did make me notice that my left hand was pretty much just sitting there holding the facbric and needle and my right hand was doing all the work. After noticing this, I proceded to watch a few more knitting videos on YouTube. All of them were knitting "left handed." After suspecting, then inquiring of some reliable sorces, I decided that I am knitting right handed.

For those of you who may not know, it's not something that I can just change now, half way through a project. I will be interested to see if, after all of this right hand practice, I decide to go left handed. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Makeup in Review

I love doing makeup. I am sure, on more occasions than one, I have gone out looking like a 4 year old that got into her mother's vanity, but I think I do okay on most days. Today was a 4 year old day though.

I am really picky about my mascara - much more so than other aspects of makeup (foundation aside). I have tried them all. I really love LashBlast by CoverGirl. I tried it when it first came out, and I think I have used it longer than any other mascara. It gives me tons of volume without clumps. It's one of the few mascaras that actually give you results like in the commercial. I really love it.

So what possessed me to try a different mascara this time? Who knows. Maybe it was the promise of volume and added length. Maybe it was the collagen formula promised to give you results as good as artificial lashes without the hassle. Maybe it's because I am a product whore and am always trying (and then throwing away) different things.

Whatever the reason, I bought a different mascara and tried it today. It was the Colassal Volum Express by Maybelline New York. I was pretty excited to try it and sorely disappointed with the results.

The first thing I noticed was that it smelt awful. It reminded me of a mix of something chemical and old, generic hair gel. It was a bad smell, but I thought it would go away when it dried. I did not! I literally became nauseous from it after a few hours. I can only assume it was the collagen I was smelling, but I can't be sure.

The application was bad too. The only extension I noticed was the additional mm or two of clumps at the end of my lashes. I guess it wasn't a big deal though because it didn't take much at all for a good amount of it to flake off.

Last, and certainly not least, let's address part of the name. Specifically, the "Volum'" part. You see, this name is very misleading. I foolishly associated volum' with volume, but have since learned my lesson as volume was no where to be found in this volum'.

I will go by my wonderful LashBlast tomorrow and try to forget today every happened.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So Close - Yet So Far

You may have noticed (or not) the lack of my 3/4 completion weight lost post. Well, it hasn't happened. I have been within 4 lbs for a month now - a tad frustrating. I have hit the point a couple times (even dropped below it), but don't consider it official until my night-time weight is there for a at least a few days. I fluctuate about 3lbs from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. This would be mostly water weight but also the food I eat throughout the day. So I am still pushing for that last little bit. I liked to think I was above the holiday weight gain, but I wasn't. I didn't gain per say because I was working so hard at losing, but I didn't lose. I think I am seeing the end though. I weighed in yesterday at my lowest yet. Yay! Here's where I am at: 32 lbs total lost - 1 lb away from my 3/4 goal - 12 lbs left in my initial goal - 32 lbs left of my total goal. I just realized that I could celebrate a 1/2 way point, but I don't know if that is encouraging or discouraging...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Well you know my name is Simon...

I found this really fun game last night and have already completed each level twice - some more... It's so much fun, and I love the part of my brain it works. I like to go to Yahoo's free online games when I am bored, and this is the only one I have found worth sharing. Go try it. It's free and you don't have to download anything.

It's not a typical game, and it makes you think mechanically. Basically you have a red object - usually a circle, but in a couple of levels it's a square, and you have to touch each of the flags on the screen. If your object falls off, you have to start over. Sounds simple enough, but you only have the things you draw and gravity to get the object to move. There are some levels that I had to build pretty wack-ass contraptions to do it, but it was awesome. Play it already!

(click the pic)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Givin' Props

So my really expensive sports bra doesn't fit anymore. I initially went to the same place I bought it before to get a smaller size, but decided to shop around. I thought that was the only place to get it due to their very clever marketing. They actually have their own, different name for it so I couldn't find it anywhere else initially. When I got the first bra, I also got the manufacturers name - Enell.

After checking out four or five places, I found the best price here. I saved about $20 over last time. It was still a lot for a bra, but the best price that is out there.

Enell makes a pink one now, so naturally, that's what I got. $6 is donated to Susan G Koman Breast Cancer Foundation for every pink bra sold, so it was really a no brainer for me.

Working in customer service in various aspects in my work for far too long, I give exceptional service so expect at least an effort when I am the customer. Sadly, I am often disappointed, so I didn't expect great customer service from this place too. But I was pleasantly surprised to receive it.

I ordered it on Saturday and got it today! There was a little hand written "Thank you" note on the packing slip and a mint in the package as well. Sometimes it's the little things that go the farthest. They definitely have made a return customer.

Props to Enell also for making this bra. I absolutely love it and don't think I could run as well without it. This new size is PERFECT too. Yay!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ever get the feeling you've missed something?..

For some stupid reason, I forgot to post about my family's Christmas party. We celebrated on the 28th which was also my littlest niece's b-day, so we combined them. It was fun, as always, hanging with my mom, bros, and their fams.

We had a potluck style dinner. My mom brought the ham and turkey. We had rolls, salads, and other various deliciousness as Aj shows.
The kids had fun opening their presents.
I got Maddy's sisters little makeup kits for their b-days this year and promised her I would do the same for her. She probably loves makeup the most out of all of them. I should have checked with her mom before I made the promise, but my mouth almost always proceeds my mind. Sheri didn't seem too upset at me though, which is good. ;-)
Maddy really did love it.Dalan with his Hulk. Can you see the resemblance? ;-)
I gave everyone a candy cane with a note attached to it. I thought it was nice. I didn't use traditional (red and white) candy canes because I think the colored ones taste better. The little note attached talked about the symbolism of the red and white. I figured everyone could make the connection, but I got a lot of shit for it. Whatever, it was the thought that counted.
My mom gave Rob and Bill a shirt to wear while they watched the big game (which was yesterday). They seemed to really like them.
We sang to Maddy and she blew out the candles on her Bolt cake.
I have beautiful nieces.
We had some loving debates about gravity. I still think the two sides were talking about two completely different things.
Dillon and Brooklyn.
Paul likes hanging out with redheads.
Me and Jordi.
Whit and me.
I just posted this terrible pic of Paul to piss him off. hahahaha And if you look closely, you can see what started the gravity debate. Emily gave it to him for Christmas.I hope you all had wonderful holidays with those you love. I know I did.

I Haven't Laughed Like That in a LONG Time

And I still laugh just as hard every consecutive time I watch this. It's been so many times now; I've lost count. I know, I know, another YouTube vid, but this one is too good to pass up. Just watch it. You will thank me later. I would recommend watching it in it's entirety. I think there is a feel to it that develops more that way. If you cannot wait for the awesomeness to unfold though, skip to 2:30.

If you're like me, you will watch it again! I also like her reaction video.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Wunder Boner?!?!

Dillon and I love to laugh at and make fun of infomercials. - the overacting, the exaggerated (or completely made up) need for the product, the name of the product, etc. This one takes the "bad name" cake. Da da da da! The Wunder Boner!!! Not at all what you think, and as you may know, one of the most important things you can do in an infomercial is repeat the "nifty" name of you product over and over... and over.