Friday, December 19, 2008

Mini Hawkins Reunion

We went out tonight with Dillon's entire immediate family, most of his cousins, and their families as well. His cousin Mike treated us to Bonsai Japanese Steakhouse. It's a fun place. I was thoroughly entertained by our chef, Andy.
He liked teasing Liz. He was lobbing shrimp at everyone else and spiking them at her face. She was a really good sport about it though. We were all laughing
Andy also made an onion volcano and set it on fire. I like fire!
We got a lot of pictures together.
Mike played Russian in Nolan's Christmas hat.
Here we are sporting our Christmas presents from Sasha - hat, scarf. She's the best knitter EVER.
And our waitress took a group picture for us.
Thanks Mike and everyone for a great night!

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