Saturday, December 06, 2008

In my best Schwarzenegger: "It's not a TUMOR!"

I found a lump on Cevin's tail a few months back. Her mortality has been nearer to my conscious mind since the last time we went to the vet and the bill said "Senior Exam." And that was probably two years ago. I was really worried it was cancer, but knew a visit to the vet would be mucho $$$. I finally took her in this morning.

I bought a cat carrier from Costco after her last vet appointment because Dillon didn't think it was safe to just take her in a towel like I always have done. In order for her to get used to it, I put her cat bed inside and opened the big flap so she could use it like a little kitty house. She's really liked it up until today. When I brought it out of the back room and set it on the living room floor, she perked up like, "Ooo, my house! What are we doing?" and rubbed all over it. Her emotions quickly changed as I put her in and zipped it up. She instantly smashed her face against the mesh. It would have been really funny had it not been a little sad. I still laughed though.
The Siamese in her really comes out when she's in the car. This moaning, low yet shrill, painful, groan begins as soon as she sees the car, and continues in intervals of maybe a second between (if that) until she's out again. It used to really stress me out, but I was determined to keep a more than cool attitude so as not to ruin her favorite bed for her.

When we got her in the exam room I opened her carrier. She instantly started purring and rubbing on the outside of it. This purr continued until the very end. They had her in the back for a long time taking samples of the tail, giving her vaccines, and Xraying the tail. The tech told me how everyone was just loving on her back there and how sweet she was. She said she didn't even stop purring when the needles went in. "My mother-in-law won't believe this!" was the first thing that popped into my head.

We lived with her for about three years and Cevin never was nice to her that whole time. She's one of the only people that Cevi hisses at consistently. It's weird. They really don't get along. So when the lady gushed over my cat and told me how much of a sweetheart she is, it made me chuckle inside.
Turns out the bump is a cyst created by oil glands. As is, it's harmless. I just need to watch it and make sure it doesn't grow.
What a relief. I really am not ready to lose my cat. I have had her for almost 9 years now. She is and always has been really special to me.
She was a gift from a boyfriend I had. Her name is a result of a cheesy mesh of both our names, but I have never held that against her. I actually like her name except for the fact that people who failed phonics pronounce it like my ex's name.
When I got her she was so little. They told me she was old enough to be taken from her mommy, but I really don't think she was. She was like a crack baby. She cried no matter what I did. She seemed to do it a little less when I held her so I ended up carrying her around a lot. This quickly turned into an ability for us to hang out no matter what I was doing. I can still throw her over my shoulder and have her stay there while I clean, do laundry or whatever.

She had a rough start. We had a big female Siamese (Sushi) when I got Cevi and she wanted her gone! I tried to keep them separate but far too often I would come running to what sounded like 100 cats being swung by their tails to find my little kitten wedged in some awful crevice in a puddle of her own urine with a giant cat trying to kill her. It was terrible. I think those experiences are what make her HATE most other cats. We ended up getting rid of the other Siamese. She just went absolutely insane and attacked me one time.

A month or so after I got Cevin, one of the bites from Sushi abscessed on her back. I thought she was a goner. I didn't know what was wrong with her. I went to pick her up one day and she screamed, I got startled, and dropped her. Then she proceeded to try to run and her back legs drug behind her like some rigid, dead weight while her front half scrambled in panic. It was a terrible sight. I thought for sure she was paralyzed. The vet put a drain tube in her back that was almost as big as she was. She looked so pathetic.

I wanted her and I to experience kittens once, so I didn't spay her right away. When she was about a year or so old she had 5 kittens. When she went into labor my mom and I took her into the laundry room so she'd have some peace. I went out of the room to get some towels and mom my said she started panicking the whole time I was gone until I got back. She didn't want me to leave her side. She was still in labor at 2am so we put her in a carrier, put it on my bed and went to sleep. At about 3am I heard the first kitten. I was so excited. She purred the entire time she delivered. She was such a good little mommy - except she would drag one of her kittens off (I think he was retarded) and leave him to perish while she would go back to the others. We kept him and one other boy. They both "disappeared" in 2002 under my mother's not so watchful eye.
Cevin very well may have brought Dillon and I together. I was just out of my mom's house and didn't have a place for Cevi to stay. I had just met Dillon, but he offered to let her stay with him. Cevi is very picky when it comes to people she likes, but I didn't have the luxury of thinking about that. I was just happy to have her a temporary home. I have never seen Cevin warm up to a person that quickly. It was love at first sight for her. I could not have been more happy. Looking back, I think Dillon may have seen it as a ransom opportunity, but that's another story... :-)
Our three years in Weiser with Dillon's mom were especially hard on Cevi. She lived there with anywhere from 6 to 16 other cats and 1 to 3 dogs. She hates both, but in completely different ways.
While they are so much bigger than she, she isn't afraid of dogs and actually seems to like to torment them. She runs after them when she sees them. I remember one day in Weiser I heard the dogs Kathleen had at the time yelping and bellowing from the back bedroom like they had each sprung one of those snap traps on their legs. I went running to their aid to find Cevin sitting in the door way starring at these two dogs she had "trapped" in the bedroom like, "You move; you die."

I could have died. These dogs acted like they were going to as well! It was too funny.

Being around dogs also taught her to be a good watch-kitty. When the dogs would hear something out of the ordinary, they would bark, then Cevin would get all excited and start growling at the dogs. Well, Pavlov's conditioned reflex came in to play as now she just growls at what would make dogs bark. It's pretty funny to see a cat start growling and run to the window when noisy children are outside playing.
Dogs have pretty much left Cevi alone, but other cats are a totally different story. She hates most all cats. She is terrified of them and seems to get picked on more than most by them. She never was at peace while we lived in Weiser.
From the second we got to our apartment she started purring and rubbing affectionately on EVERYTHING and still purrs all the time and kneads on the carpet as she walks. It's like she still remembers how happy she is to not have other cats around even though we've lived here for 3 years now.
Cevin likes to play fetch with her strings (draw strings off various clothing items) and little wadded up pieces of paper, eat the tails off her fake mice toys, sleep, drink water from the bathroom faucet, climb to the very top of her floor-to-ceiling scratching post, have me follow her on wild goose chases when I tell her "show me," and cuddle with me when we get home from work.
I must apologize about the agonizingly long post all about my cat. I do love her and am very happy she is healthy and with us for a little while longer at least.


Razzleberry said...

We love Cevi!

Emily :) said...

I think that is so special that you have an animal that you love and adore so much!! Cevi is a very lucky kitty!! I am so glad that the bump on her with just a cyst. Don't worry about losing her soon, Cocoa (my parents cat) is about 19 years old.. and still going strong! :-) Love ya!