Saturday, December 13, 2008

Boys will be... well, just that.

Dillon's boss gave him an early Christmas present Wednesday. His boss was so excited he couldn't wait until the company Christmas dinner to give it to him. He got one for himself last month for Christmas and the next day opened it up. Both he and Dillon have been waiting anxiously for its long-awaited release. What is this thing that has these boys so excited, you ask? It's SPYKEE!

I know, I know, that most likely means nothing to you. Spykee is a robot. You can control it from any computer that has internet access. It has a webcam, speakers, mic, light and through the software you can move it any direction, play noises, take still pics, record video, make VOIP calls, play music. There's even a setting you can have it on where he sits still and makes a noise and takes a picture when something moves in his view, and when he's low on batteries, he finds his base and "plugs" himself in. Yeah, pretty geeky stuff.

I put him together last night. Dillon named him Johnny 5 for me. Dillon seems to really like it - Cevin, not so much. We tied one of her strings to the back of him tonight though, and she chased him around a bit. I have a feeling she is going to get tormented by this thing throughout the weekdays in the hands of Dillon.

I can just see all three of the boys that work at Distinctive bringing their robots in to play together with them. His boss and employee already have. Oooowee!

The downside? Well, now I have a $220 robot sitting in the top of my closet that I need to take back. Yup, I bought him one too, and I would have waited for Christmas. I just really hope they take it back. It's one of those things were 2 are truly too many.

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paul said...

Well, with some modifications this thing could be amazing...Right now I'm lacking the funds and the time to do anything like this, but it could very possibly be done, and would rock.

So, I found a Wireless antenae you would conenct to your PC or router that would give you about a 2 mile wifi range of coverage, giving your Spykee about a 2 mile range from you. Then you would need to install a much higher capacity battery for Spykee's long sojourns (this would probably need to be custom built and soddered together to match the specs). And then give him some larger radius tread wheels and bigger tread, and viola! You've got something awesome there.