Sunday, November 09, 2008

Light as a Feather

Ha! Not quite, but in all my extreme humility I failed to mention that I won both prizes in my work's Biggest Loser contest. I lost the most inches and weight % than anyone else. I was super stoked. The purse was nice and hefty, just in time for our Weiser visit too. As trite as it sounds, the money took second to the excitement I felt with how much weight I lost.

We started the second Biggest Loser contest on Friday. I lost 4 lbs in the almost three weeks off we had, but now it's time to kick it into high gear again. We are doing things a little differently this time to ensure that not only one person gets a prize. The top three weight losers will win prizes. We aren't doing any inches this time at all. This will make weighing-in a lot faster, and since there wasn't much of a difference between weight and inches places for each person, we aren't really losing any accuracy either.

Also, since we are doing percentages and I am lighter to start, I don't have to lose as many lbs to get the same percentage lost as last time. Since I am not running out of lbs to lose yet, it's all good!

My inspiration?
hee hee... And yes, I will celebrate my goal with some way-too-tight, pink pants and fake tan!


Miss Heather said...

In the Halloween pics, you look SUPER skinny! I'm really proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah. The person organizing the contest won the contest. Sounds like the 2004 election all over again...
Ok, so I am kidding. You worked hard and earned it. Goodly job.

Maybe I will give you a little competition this time.