Thursday, November 27, 2008

5k with Nae

This morning for me was kicked off at 6am with getting ready (putting on clothes) and heading over to my friend from work, Renae's, house.

We ran the Utah Human Race this morning. It was for a great cause and a nice start to the holiday. As you may know, I have been training for a while now, but I have had so many 'hiccups' in the process that I wasn't nearly as prepared as I wanted to be.

I totally slowed Nae down, but she was awesome. She would go on ahead of me - not too far anyway - and when she did she'd either run backwards until I caught up or she would run back to me. I felt bad for slowing her up so much, but she insisted we were in it together. We ran the whole way. Nae probably actually ran 4 miles with all the bad tracking for me. :-) I wouldn't have done nearly as well as I did if it wasn't for her. She so motivated me. I haven't run that far straight since I lived in Weiser, so it was an incredible thing for me.

Thanks Nae for being such a great friend and not being (or showing it anyway :-P) irritated with me for 'crampin' yo style.'

We also saw Laura and Rusty there too. I work with Laura as well. She is 5 months or so pregnant and they passed us before we even crossed the start line and we never saw them again. They are more seasoned running than we are (more like, than I am).

What a great way to start out Turkey Day.

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