Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weiser Good Times

We've been putting around Weiser, Idaho today. Sasha's knitting had her needing to felt some projects she was working on. Mama's washing machine is a front-loader so it doesn't have an agitator. I guess that is an important aspect to felting. So we went into downtown Weiser to use the Klassy Kleaners. That's KLASSY!

The purse she made was impressive to say the least!

While waiting for the washing machines we walked around Weiser. We went to a thrift store, art store, craft store, candy store and then had a picnic in the park.

I got a cute shirt at the thrift store that I think my co-worker, Mark, would appreciate. He is always making fun of me and calls me Idaho. I react with, "No, you da ho!" This shirt couldn't be more perfect.

While at the park, we ate, swung on swings, had a little photo shoot in the autumn leaves and saw the cutest little dog!

Dillon wasn't quite into the photo shoot at first.
He started to warm up a little bit.
This picture reminds me of something... I wonder what it could be...

Then Mom and Sasha were up. Mom didn't want to get on the ground so she was being a tad bit difficult. Here she said, "Say 'ready' right before you take the picture." thinking she was so sneaky.
Then she did this... Look how much fun she was having.
They are so cute!

Sasha about died when this little dog came to the park with her family.
She was pretty damn small and cute.

We had a fun time. I think Dillon was a little overwhelmed by all of our estrogen, but he was such the trooper.


Anonymous said...

That shirt is soo dang awesome!

Emily :) said...

It looks like you guys are having an absolute blast there in Idaho!! You're shirt is sooooooooo cool!! The pictures of you and Dillon in the leaves are GORGEOUS! You guys are such a cute couple! Keep having tons of fun! Love you!

Razzleberry said...

Looks like a fun day! I like the shirt.

Miss Heather said...

Kay, LOVE LOVE THE SHIRT!! And I want that dog SO BAD!