Sunday, October 12, 2008

That Flying Dog Looks Real!

Our friends, Scott and Lindy, invited us to their home for dinner and a movie last night. They made us a lovely meal in their lovely home. I loved their decor.

They live near Little Cottonwood Canyon, and you could pretend you were in the middle of nowhere if you wanted to. You look out the windows into the back, and all you can see are trees and birds. You can't even see neighbors. We saw their cat though. I guess she comes over to their house all the time and spent a good portion of the evening with us. She really seemed to like Dillon.

After dinner we watched Son of Rambow. It's an indie film. It was great. I highly recommend this movie. It was fun, quirky, cute, and meaningful. Scott told us that he and Lindy are still laughing about it today.


Reano Family said...

That looks like a fun movie. Sounds like a fun date night!

Cerra Hawkins said...