Friday, October 17, 2008

My Buddy Mario

I have watched a lot of movies this week. We rented three last weekend to have a selection when we went to Scott and Lindy's. I didn't even get to The Bucket List before they were due back. Somewhere in there we saw City of Ember at the theater which we both really liked. I must say that my favorite movie I have watched in a long time was the one I watched tonight.

My friend from work, Salote, lent me a documen-tary (she says that word like that - almost like I would expect the British to say it). Anyway, it's called Mario's Conviction - One man's journey from Mafia to Mormon.

Immediately after watching it, I had to find out where I could buy it. He is such a cute man that has led a most fascinating life. I recommend this movie to everyone, Mormon or otherwise. His willingness to give his life for what he believes touched me deeply and can speak to all.

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