Sunday, September 21, 2008

You're it MOFO!

I have never done a tag before but this one looked like a good one. If you read THIS you are officially tagged.... sucker. I think this could be fun to make a story out of too. Post where yours can be found in the comments when you are done...

I am: Cerra Ann Craven Hawkins
I have: a lot - I am very blessed
I had no idea: when I will have children
I Am: loud
I Think: the truth is beautiful, regardless of what it is
I Know: Dillon and I will be together forever
I Want: to be a mom
I Have: a great husband
I Dislike: drama
I Miss: my nursey-mommy
I Fear: failure
I Feel: strongly about a lot of things
I Smell: things others don't
I Crave: chocolate
I Cry: to decompress
I Usually: am late
I Search: for answers
I Wonder: when we'll buy a house
I Regret: ever denying my faith
I Love: Dillon and the rest of my family
I Care: too much
I Always: get distracted
I Worry: about things I want never happening
I Am Not: okay with incompetence
I Remember: things like a movie in my head
I Believe: a stereotype with one exception is worth avoiding the mindset
I Dance: like a epileptic seizes, but love to do it in the presence of only my laughing husband
I Sing: constantly
I Don't Always: curb my temper
I Argue: a lot
I Write: poetry, thoughts, journal entries and blog posts
I Win: sometimes
I Lose: sometimes
I Wish: innocent people didn't have to suffer
I Listen: to rap, R&B, and hip-hop
I Don't Understand: why some people insist on being unhappy
I Can Usually Be Found: at a computer
I Am Scared: of birds in my face and bugs
I Need: a baby
I Forget: what time it is
I Am: going to bed

I tag: YOU!


Anonymous said...

You axed for it...


Anonymous said...

I am Romana Z. Hudes, a.k.a. Romy
I have a puppy named Bula, a tortoise named Fred and a fish named Houdini (he's magical!)
I had no idea 1/3 of Jamaica's people are unemployed.
I am self conscious
I think I have aged a lot in the past couple of years.
I know that traveling is my passion
I want chocolate at least once a day.
I have a new job now.
I dislike the end of summer.
I miss people who are gone.
I fear having a baby.
I feel sick after eating that chicken dinner
I smell weird scents and comment on it all the time.
I crave taking trips.
I cry when it's that time of the month.
I usually watch Cash in the Attic when I'm getting ready for work. My "celebrity" crush is Paul Hayes, the antiques appraiser on the show. It disturbs even me.
I search for my keys every morning.
I wonderhow my dog's fur gets up on the counter.
I regret only one thing.
I love my family, friends, animals and children
I care about the plight of the sea turtle.
I always think I'm doing things wrong.
I worry that by the time I am ready to have a baby, it might be too late.
I am not someone you might expect that would fill this out.
I remember a camping trip from hell.
I believe being an immigrant gives me a completely different perspective about teaching.
I dance rarely, which surprises me.
I sing in the car.
I don't always send in my jury duty form within the alotted time.
I argue with Ben, and he's my closest friend.
I write haiku to remember simple and significant moments.
I win at the original MarioKart when I'm Yoshi.
I lose socks on a regular basis.
I wish I could craft all day.
I listen to NPR on my lunch breaks and always feel something about the stories I hear.
I don't understand my thyroid is so tempermental.
I can usually be found wrapping my dog in a blanket and kissing him to make Ben crazy (and because I adore my sweet pup).
I am scared losing people.
I need to exercise and eat better.
I forget that worrying doesn't solve anything.
I am going to finsh writing my Riviera Maya Oh My-A blog post soon.

Sasha said...

i'm not going to do it. sorry. but, it was fun to read you and romy's. thanks guys.