Saturday, September 27, 2008

The World Just Feels a Little More Right

Yesterday we got an addition to our extended family, and I am happy that something I thought was meant to be, came to be.

Nolan has been dog-sitting Doug the Dog since Doug was a baby. He is now almost 2. They both light up in a unique way when they are together.

Doug's owners have decided to move to the Virgin Islands, and so they are entrusting him to Nolan. They love Doug very much, but know that kind of dog would not be comfortable in that hot climate.

Even though Doug won't have the people that raised him from puppy-hood, I am so happy that Doug and Nolan will have each other.


mamahawk said...

A match made in heaven! We love Little Dougie :)

Sasha said...

i'm so glad too. this was meant to be. love you doug.