Saturday, September 13, 2008

Utah State Fair

I liked the Davis County Fair so much that we went to the Utah State Fair too. We had a great time, and my new camera did not disappoint!

Dillon had me take lots of tractor pics for his mom.

Dillon says that these two red ones are just like 'Grandpa Bub's.' I don't know... It was all beaten up and rusted at Bubs, so it's hard for me to say.

The first animals we saw were the pigeons. I took so many pictures of these for my dad. He loves these strange birds.

These two reminded me of the ones from Animaniacs.

I didn't know they made pigeons with feathers on their feet...

let alone fan tails!

These also thrusted their chests in the air and tucked their heads down between their tail and chest... too strange.

This one had some really brilliant forest green plumage around its neck.

These liked to pop their collars.

These would puff up their chests and then try to bump each other with them -like jocks or gorillas...
Did you know they also make pigeons with no beaks? Disturbing... My dad says that they cannot parent their own young due to this fact, so humans have to stick their eggs under normal pigeons to raise them. I don't understand why some things are selected to reproduce in breeding - be it pigeons, dogs or otherwise.

And last but not least, the uglies! Again, I just don't understand it...

On our way to the bunnies, we saw the ponies. This one liked to nibble on things. I was really sad when they wouldn't let me ride them. I should sue... That's beefy discrimination.

Dillon loves bunnies!
This one barely fit in the cage.

Then it was off to the goats.
These following goat pictures are Alpine wether goats used for packing. Dillon's mom is very interested in pack goats and alpine goats, so I am sure she would have loved talking to the owner of these two goats. He was very nice and told me that he would teach Kathleen everything she needed to know about packing goats for no charge. I thought that was really sweet. This little guy below comes in at an impressive 200lbs. They can pack 1/4 their body weight.

We had a special opportunity at the fair this year. The Marcan Tiger Preserve brought seven or eight tigers to SLC and put on a show three times a day at the fair. It was super crowded, and we had to gather 1/2 hour before the show started to get the spots that we did. They weren't ideal, but it was great to see what we could.

This is a picture I took of a picture they had for sale. It has all the color variations of Bengal tigers there are, but only the standard color is still found in the wild. Color variations from left to right: Golden Tabbie, Pure or Snow White, Standard, White.

Once they let them out, they showed off how comfortable they were with the tigers.

The tigers were more interested in napping than anything else.

The handler tickled this guy's toes to try to get him to do something interesting.

They sprayed them with water to cool them off and try to get them to do something exciting.

I think the second favorite thing was marking their territory. I swear all of them had a round with the ball.
This one finally ended up 'claiming' the ball. They told us that this was his favorite position - his bum on the platform and his front on the ball.
They stretched out for us a bit.

Then they did some cool tricks.

I like to think this one posed for me.

After the tigers, I was pooped. Dillon wanted to go see more, but we went home instead. We were going to go back later in the week because we only saw two arts and crafts buildings and missed the cows and sheep, but we both came down with awful colds that we are still fighting... :-( Poo.


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