Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We buried my Grandma Ne-Ne Monday. I am not sure why we call her that, but it's always been that way - my whole life. Her name was Ida Juanita. Her mother's name was also Ida, so my grandmother went by Juanita. I think one of the first grandkids tried calling her Grandma Juanita, and it came out sounding more like Grandma Ne-Ne. I guess it stuck.

The mortician did a wonderful job. My grandmother looked so peaceful. The service was beautiful too with a lot of memories of Ne-Ne. I saw family I hadn't seen for 20 years or more. Ne-Ne was buried next to her mother and father in the Deweyville Cemetery. It was perfect weather - sunny, warm, slight breeze.

My Uncle Quinn took pictures of the day, and Paul pieced a couple clips of home videos of Ne-Ne together. And yes, that is little Paul. He was so cute. If you watch closely, you can see little Paul's butt crack. I guess he hasn't changed all that much.

Thanks to all my family that helped with Ne-Ne - especially Stephanie and Marsha. My Aunt Marsha has taken care of my grandmother for a very long time. None of us ever had to worry about her because we knew Marsha was taking great care of her. Her daughter, Stephanie, really took the reins with the funeral preparations as Marsha was hospitalized with pneumonia when Ne-Ne passed away.

I love my grandmother very much and find ultimate comfort in knowing she is free from the pain, trials, and tribulations that this world has to offer and is finally at peace.

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Sasha said...

i'm sorry. i didn't know your grandma passed. whether the time was right or not, i know that it can be a difficult time. big hug.