Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My blog, my show

US politics simply frustrate me. I don't claim a party, but am by no means a fence-sitter. I refrain from talking about my views to most people because I hate others' soapboxes made of nothing but bubbles - you like that metaphor, eh? Dillon won't get it... I am not sure if it's my perspective or the fact of the matter, but it seems that even the politically apathetic are reforming and spouting off about this presidential race like they've been in it since Nixon. Politics have always felt like the pushing for the lesser of evils which, regarding the greatest nation on Earth, makes me feel hollow and helpless. Good people don't run for office. If they somehow end up there, they either don't stay good or don't win. I would rather live no place else and consider myself more than fortunate to live in this great nation, but the quality of man is not up to my expectations. My heart aches just thinking about the state of the nation and world. My only solace lies in my faith that God ultimately runs this country. I made a choice a long time ago to laugh instead of cry.