Saturday, September 06, 2008

More Pink?

Dillon's been waiting for me to get over my craze for all things pink for a while now. If my blue phase is any indication, he has a ways to go. Fifteen more years to be exact.

This year, Dillon wanted to get me a new camera for my birthday. He asked me what color I wanted, "There's baby blue, red, silver, gold..."

"I want the pink one!"

So there you go. I got the pink one. It came yesterday. Don't worry; you haven't missed my birthday. Dillon and I have a bad habit of getting and giving gifts early.

It's a really nice camera and I am really excited to try it out on something other than Dillon and Cevin. Some of the features I am most excited about include the image stabilizer, 8MP pics, face finder (I am not really sure the practical application for that feature, but I think it's cool) and PINK! Yes, pink is a feature.


Emily said...

Are you kidding me? A PINK CAMERA??? That is so incredibly awesome!!! You crack me up so hard!

Sasha said...

looks like we have the same camera. i reeeeeaaaaaally wanted to get the pink one too. i convinced myself that i should have a more "grown up" one, so i got the bohemian brown. i still think about that pink one and wish i would have just given in to my truer desire. ridiculous i know, but i can feel you with the pink thing. pink was my thing since i was a little girl. i grew out of it for a while, but then came full circle and am right back with it. i have to resist the urge to go pink all the time. but, maybe i shouldn't? who says we have to grow up. rock on with your pink camera :)