Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's All Down Hill From Here - Hopefully

I have officially reached (now passed) the halfway point of my weight loss goal. I am down about 23 or 24 pounds out of 44 and dropping. I feel so blessed to be able to lose this weight so (relatively) easily. I haven't run in a while, but have been doing well with my dieting.

I 'slipped up' for the first time since I started my weight loss this weekend. I was really bad. I ate out a lot. My mom and I went out for my birthday on Saturday and we ate breakfast at IHOP and lunch and The Cheesecake Factory - yes, I ate cheese cake too. I also ate fast food this weekend - ouch. But it's back to the grindstone again. No more slip-ups. I will hopefully start running again this week too.

Our weight loss contest at work ends on the 14th, and I couldn't be happier about what it has done for me. I needed that external motivation to get going. I am wearing pants right now that I haven't fit in (or fit well in) for years. It's a great feeling. And old pants look like clown pants.

So many people have told me that I look like I have lost a lot. Dillon hadn't said anything, so back at about 10 to 15 lbs down, I asked him if he noticed I had lost weight. He told me no. He still can't tell visually. He said it's because he's a big-picture kind of guy and he just knows that I am 'a very lovely woman.' It's hard to get worked up about him not noticing when he says things like that. He did say the other day that I felt tighter - not so squishy. So, in his own way, he's noticing too.

I feel great and hope it's downhill from here - or at least continues to be like it has been.

I found this cool website that you can create a virtual model of yourself before and after your weight loss.

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Ben and Kristen Johnson said...

How are you doing this amazing weight lost? I have gained ten pounds and have been running and eating good but it stays on. Help me!!!

Paul + Emily said...

I am so proud of you Cerra!!! You are amazing and you look great!!

Sasha said...

that is awsome. really. i'm very happy for you and totally f-in jealous! i can be both, right? keep it up. can't wait to see you.