Monday, September 01, 2008

Busy, Long Weekend

We had almost no plans going in to the weekend but ended up spending almost every waking hour with our extended family in some form or another.

Emily and I took my niece and her other niece (both named Whitney) to lunch, a movie, and then back to my place for some karaoke good times. My Whit had to be back home by 6p to babysit her siblings, so that's about when we ended out girls day out.

Within a minute of getting home from taking everyone home, Nolan and Heather knocked on our door. They brought us salads and french bread for dinner. We hung out, played video games, and burned CD's. We were having such a good time, we didn't realize it was after 2a before they left. Maybe Heather did; she passed out on the couch.

My dad came down late that night because his mom was not doing well. We drove up to Ogden Sunday to see her and family. She was not coherent at all, but I was glad we were there to show my family support. At the facility were my grandmother was, I met her sister - Gayle - that I didn't even know existed. I saw her walking up the hall and could not take my eyes off her. Before we were introduced, I knew she was closely related to my grandmother - it was mannerisms as well as looks. I also met her daughter (my dad's cousin) and her daughters. They told me fun stories about little Dougy and his mischief as a child. We left the nursing home at about 10p last night, and my grandmother passed away early this morning.

My poor Aunt Marsha, who has been taking care of my grandma for probably 20 years, is hospitalized with pneumonia right now and couldn't be with her when she died. I know she's having a hard time with that.

This morning we headed up to Ogden again to have lunch with my dad. Afterwords, we visited Marsha at the hospital. She is doing so much better than she was. She has been in the hospital for almost a week now and still has at least a couple of days left before she can go home. She has a bad case.

Paul and Emily met us at Marsha's room. We visited some more with her and then headed to Grandpa Bub's in South Weber. Bub was my dad's step dad, and he raised him for a good portion of his life. They got along well, and my dad really admires and appreciates him. He was very young when he married my grandmother and took on her four children as his own. They also had two more kids together. My dad told me that he was very devoted to my grandmother and that family until the bitter end. I am not sure the details on their split, but I think my dad will always consider Bub his father.

I had met Bub and his wife way back. I think I must have been 5 or 6 then. It's funny how our minds remember things. I remembered them nothing like they are or were. I also remembered their house totally wrong. They are very nice people and we had a great visit. I can tell my dad really enjoyed being with them.

My dad left from Bub's to go back to visit Marsha in the hospital one last time before he made the drive back to Boise tonight. It was about 7:30p when we made it home. I feel like I am ready for a weekend as I start this workweek. Luckily it's a short one.

It was nice to see all the family members that we did this weekend even thought most of the circumstances weren't ideal. My grandmother has been sick for a while and really bad lately. She was my last living grandparent, but I am relieved to know that she is finally at peace.

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Emily said...

What a busy weekend. I am so sorry about the passing away of your grandmother Cerra. I do know though, that now she is happy and at peace and can rest from all of the cares and worries that she has had in this life. It was so much fun to see your Dad again and to meet Bub and his wife Audrey. What an adorable couple.